Worlds End

Travel - England/Wales

I have been to England for the first time in 1991. And then again and again. It somehow pulls me over there. I need the sheep, the calm hils and the strange behavior of the natives there.

SchafeSheep. They are omnipresent - at least in the countryside. These two are very special. Usually sheep run away as soon as you try to approach them. These two did the opposite. I was quite surprised.

Fähre Dana AngliaOne can fly to England or go through the tunnel


You have to go to England by ferry. I prefer Scandinavian Seaways. This is Dana Anglia in the Harwich Harbor.

Single Track RoadSingle track roads. This is what I am looking for. Unsuitable for caravans. You can circle around for hours on those roads up on the hills without seeing any human being.

Wales - Mount SnowdonMount Snowdon. Just about 3000 ft hight but very steep. And extremely windy. I have been up there several times. Hiking. Quite exhausting. But the summit view compensates for the endeavor

Wales - Holyhead Holyhead. This is a village on Holy Island, an island off the shoreline of Wales. Ferries to Ireland depart from there

England - Yorkshire DalesThe Yorkshire Dales in England, north of Manchester/Liverpool. One can easily pass the area on the way to Ireland coming from Newcastle and going to Holyhead

Wales - Caernarfon Castle Caernarfon Castle. England is nothing without castle. But this one is in Wales. It is the one where Prince Charles (yes, the one with Lady Di) got crowned as Prince of Wales.

Wales - Beaumaris CastleAnd another Castle. Beaumaris on Anglesey Island in Wales at Conwy Bay

Wales - Llangollen Canal bei ChirkThat's an interesting story from Wales. In former times there was no transportation available for the ore coming out of the mountains to be delivered into the industrial centers. So they build little channels and put long narrow boats on them. Due to the hilly environment they had to build a lot of bridges and tunnels through the mountains. This Bridge is at Chirk. There is a creek below the bridge and there is a tunnel entry right where I took the picture. These days the channels are used for recreation. One can rent boats for a week or two, live on them and circle around all the channels.