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The USA has been my home for the last two years. Westwood, New Jersey to be more specific. I have tried to see as much from the country as I could. I can say I have seen a lot and I am happy to return as soon as possible.

The USA or North America is big cities and great nature. So here are some of the highlights of my journey discovering America

New York City. I never thought I could get this familiar with this extraordinary piece of civilication. Now I am able to navigate through the asphalt canyons without any map and I can show places which other tourists will never see. And still I am always excited when I go to Manhattan. This is special and never boring
Big Nature: Niagara Falls. Best seen from the Canadian side or as I did from a Helicopter
More big nature: Grand Canyon. You feel so small there. I looked at it from many different angles: from the rim, from a raft at the river and out of a helicopter.
Bryce Canyon
Yosemite National Park
San Francisco
Sonora Pass