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Dolomites, Alps, May 2023

After ten years, finally back to the Dolomites. The last time I was there was in 2013. At that time also with Paul. Now it should finally be time again.

I combined the trip with a visit to Dagmar and Franz on Ascension Day. Then it went to the well-known hotel in Arabba.

The trip almost failed on the first three miles but in this case the Berlin police saved me. More about this below.

1The participants

There were again several people involved in my tour. First I was with Dagmar and Franz and we went on a nice tour with Markus. Then Paul was waiting for me in Arabba and we had a great week there with nice rides.

Dagmar and Franz
2The journey to Arabba

After passing the first adventure in Berlin, I first went to Dagmar and Franz. After a ride with Markus and another with Franz, it was then one go (470 miles) to Arabba.

II must have been a little careless when securing my luggage. I lost my entire luggage on the city Autobahn in Berlin. Gesticulating motorists drew my attention to it.
So off I went and back again. There was nothing to see. I then dialed 911 (others could be endangered) and was told that there was a report of luggage on the Autobahn. Further information was not available. I was told the police department responsible and I went straight there.
Before I even got back on the Autobahn, I got a call from the police department saying I could pick up my luggage. They already had it and they had searched it to find an owner. In the process they came across my phone number. So I went there and everything was there only slightly damaged.
I was able to continue my journey after an hour.
Luggage at the police station
Everything mounted again
Luggage slightly damaged - I was able to change it at Franz's place
I continued across river Elbe with the ferry at Aken
In Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony Ascension was celebrated very intensely
Another ferry across river Saale near Brücke
30 minutes queuing for Thuringian bratwurst. I had promised Dagmar and Franz to bring some for the barbecue and I did.
The reward of waiting
In the evening and the following two days I could also play with the dogs
Ride with Franz and Markus
Another ride with Franz - we find a store for Italian coffee machines where we get really good Italian coffee
The drive through Austria was a disaster. The Fernpass was backed up for 20 miles
There were construction sites on the Brenner. In addition to traffic lights, they were also manned by personnel who were connected by radio. Nevertheless, they didn't manage to make alternating traffic possible. The construction site was jammed and everything got blocked. Unbelievable.
Finally in the Dolomites
3Extended Sella Eight

The Grödner Joch is still closed. Therefore, a full Sella Eight is not yet possible. We drive the other part and add Tre Croci, Lago di Misurina and Passo Giau. A nice round to roll in.

Click here for a map with the route of the day

Karte 2023_05_22

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The bikes are waiting in the morning
Paul at Lago di Fedaia
Hairpins on Passo Fedaia
Preparations for the Giro d'Italia are underway on Passo Falzarego
Passo Falzarego
We get morning coffee on Tre Croci
There are many sports cars driving around
Paul at Lago di Misurina
Lago die Misurina
Passo Giau
Passo Giau
29 Tornanti - The sign on my website banner
View from Belvedere on Colle Santa Lucia
Many sports cars around
Passo Valparola
4Southern loop

It goes to the south. The Passo Manghen is on the program. In addition, we want to go over the Kaiserjägerstraße and the Passo Vézzena.
The Passo Manghen has a special adventure waiting for us: the road is blocked by a truck that got stuck in a hairpin turn. It takes a while until it gets free again.

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Karte 2023_05_23

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Arabba in the morning with view to Passo Pordoi
Hotel Olympia
Passo Manghen
Tom getting morning coffee there
There are many motorbikes around
Passo Manghen
Road blocked
We have to wait
He finally made it
The Kaiserjägerstraße is closed. We find a bypass and continue on our way.
Many expensive cars
There are a few million Euros standing around
Lunch on Passo di Vézzena
Rain is coming
It poors shortly but heavily
The roads are almost dry again close to Arabba
5Sella Eight

A rainy day - it is supposed to rain a lot. However, there should also be a rain break in the morning. I want to use the dry window for a Sella Eight loop, since the Grödner Joch was opened.
Paul stays in the hotel.

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Karte 2023_05_24

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Waiting for the rain break I play with hotel dog Franz
On the eastern ramp of Passo Pordoi, I see a sign "33 Tornanti"
Passo Pordoi
Passo Sella
Grödner Joch
Grödner Joch
Passo Campolongo
Passo Falzarego
Ice on the lake at Passo Valparolo
Low hanging clouds on the return to Arabba
Paul has taken over playing with Franz
We have Grappa in the evening
6Eastern loop

The Giro d'Italia is coming up. We are prepared and have chosen the route accordingly. However, we have made the bill without the Italians.
The destination is the Monte Crostis (Panoramica delle Vette). But the highlight will be the photo flight over the Forcella Lavardet.

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Karte 2023_05_25

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Passo Staulanza - already the day before the Giro the road is closed on the top of the pass - of course without pointing it out below. We have to go back and drive over the Passo Giau
Spectators set up their campers on Passo Giau
Camper on Passo Giau
Nice view on Passo Giau
We find a nice place for the morning coffee
A store full of local specialties - especially cheese, ham and wine
Not yet (or not anymore) known to me is the Sella Ciampigotto
In 2015 we drove the Forcella Lavardet despite its closure
Nice place for lunch
Some entertainment with a dog
Nice lunch
The leaning tower of Prato Carnico
Monte Crostis (Panoramica delle Vette) is closed
Forcella Lavardet
Forcella Lavardet
Paul and Tom
Stage finish of the Giro d'Italia
The route Tre Croci to Cortina d'Ampezzo is closed. We manage to get through. The police controls and blocks in the opposite direction
7Northern loop

The Giro d'Italia comes through Arabba. We escape over the Pordoi Pass to the north.
It is convenient for us that Penser Joch is now also open. So we take the Ritten road over to the Sarntal valley, up to Penser Joch and back over Jaufen Pass. However, the traffic is quite heavy on the connecting routes around Merano and Bolzano.

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Karte 2023_05_26

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We see marmots on Passo Pordoi
View on Passo Sella
Passo Sella
Passo Sella
Vineyards along Ritten road
View from Ritten road
Penser Joch - Southern ramp
Penser Joch
Penser Joch - Northern ramp

We see a Simson-S50 group. They continue to Sterzing.
Lunch in a nice hotel
Tom and Paul
Lake Karersee in the afternoon
Crocus meadow at Passo Pordoi
Tom and Paul - Farewell with Grappa
8The journey home

I drive the 600 miles back to Berlin. The weather makes it possible. On Whitsun Saturday I expect a lot of traffic in the opposite direction until about Munich. But I am also very early and so everything keeps very within limits and I can drive back without major delays.

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Karte 2023_05_27

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I have a lot to do
Sunrise in the mountains
I get into Austria
Lake Achensee
I get into Germany
Lake Tegernsee
Trabant on tour
Back to Berlin
Quite a long distance

In total I drive 2700 miles. Of these, 800 miles in the Dolomites with Paul. There I climb a total of 31 miles. In total I climb 44 miles (just the ride from Beselich to Arabba gives 6 miles of climb).

Karte 2023_05_italien