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Enduro Training Lossatal, March 2023

We had been planning to do that for a long time.
And Marcellus has asked around and organized for our group an Enduro individual training with the Enduro Action Team in Lossatal.
On two days, we were able to make our first attempts at enduro riding under the very profound guidance of Christopher "Bob" Bahn - although there was already some experience with Andi, Marcellus and the two Michis.
Enduro Action Team offers a very professional organization including rental motorcycles and other equipment such as boots and has a large and diverse requirements meet training area in the nearby quarry near Meltewitz.
1The participants

It is the usual suspects who have already done many tours together. Together with our instructor we contest the training

Michi sr., Tom, Marcellus, Instructor Bob, Andi, Michi jr., Wolfgang (fltr)
Andi, Tom, Wolfgang, Michi jr., Michi sr., Marcellus
Instructor Christopher "Bob" Bahn
Bob is very experienced and prudent and likes to share his knowledge and skills. He explains the driving technique in great detail before the individual exercises and gives direct feedback during the execution.
In between there is one or the other story.
We have a lot of fun together.
2The journey to the training

We come as always from different directions. Marcellus drives with Andi and the trailer the bikes for the two and for the two Michis, who find their way from Bavaria to Saxony with more bikes.

The bikes on the trailer
I come from near Limburg and drive across the country to Lossatal. In between there is a real Thuringian bratwurst.
We have a proper diner in the evening
The hotel is directly opposite the Enduro Action Team
The bikes are ready
3The training

The training site is a few kilometers away. We drive there on more or less paved roads.

At the base within the training area
The other group takes off
We get ready
Bob explains balancing the bike
We learn about magic footpegs (unloading one side leads to a change of direction)
First excercises
We learn balancing the bike when riding slow tight turns
Bob demonstrates the riding technique
Michi jr. and Andi
Balancing the bike in tight slow turns
Back to the base
After lunch at the hotel we will drive back to the training area via farm tracks
More turns to excercise
In between, there are some practice rides to be able to train what has been learned.
Practice ride
Riding single trails - Michi jr.
Michi sr.
Practice ride
Braking on loose ground - Michi jr.
Michi sr.
Practice ride
Climbing a hill - Michi jr.
Michi sr.