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Conveyor Bridge F60, October 2022

Susanne is in town

We visit the F60 conveyor bridge in Lichterfeld - the largest moving machine in the world.

The conveyor bridge removes the surface layer above the coal in open-pit lignite mines and transports it across the open pit to the opposite side. The bridge is more than 500 m (1500 ft) long, more than 80 m (240 ft) high and has a weight of more than 11,000 tons.

The name F60 comes from its ability to remove 60 meters (180 feet) of surface layer.

One can visit the conveyor bridge as part of a guided tour.

Susanne takes pictures
The excavation side
The manufacturer
The dumping side
The leader in a bucket of a bucket digger
Another group on the bridge
The undercarriage on the excavation side
The dumping side
A track retracting machine
On the bridge
We go uphill
The excavation side from above
The maintenance wagon with lunch room
We proceed uphill
We are already at 55 m (165 ft) elevation
There is still some distance to go
You can rope down from here 60 m (180 ft) deep
The undercarriage on the dumping side
Blick auf den früheren Tagebau (heute ein See) aus 80 m Höhe
The whole bridge
Panorama in 80 m (240 ft) elevation
Susanne takes pictures
Back to the ground
360 panorama from the lake side