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Beelitz Heilstätten, October 2022

Susanne is in town.

We visit Beelitz-Heilstätten, an old pulmonary sanatorium that was used as a hospital by the Russian forces after World War II and fell into disrepair after German reunification.

Today there is a treetop path there and you can visit the dilapidated buildings.

1The treetop path

The path leads above the trees through the terrain and gives a good overview.

View from the observation tower
The Path
The Alps house
A guided tour
Ruins under the path
Susanne takes pictures
There is somethin on the log
An elf
Entertainment for the kids: there is 50 feet void below the web
Something to climb in
Quite high
2The old surgery station

In the old surgery lung patients received surgical treatment

The outside of the building
The corridor of the station
A treatment room
The surgery tract
A surgery room
Exterior of the patient rooms
Ceiling of the bathtub room
3In the underground

The site was equipped with supply tunnels for electricity and heating and storage rooms for food.

The entry
Storage room
Tracks for trolleys
Potato storage room
Supply tunnel
Heating room
Sun from above
A safe
underground kitchen rooms
Kitchen on the first floor
Outdoor art