Harz und Rhön, Juni 2022 −  Reisen −  Käpt'n Tom

Harz and Rhön Mountains, June 2022

Five days ride with Hans-Gert and Felix. It goes to the Harz and then to the Rhön mountains.

The weather was very splendid and in the second half very warm.

We had beautiful roads of all categories from the narrow forest road to the big fast winding road.

A very nice tour of in total about 1,200 miles (1,900 kilometers).


I drive from Berlin to the Harz mountains. I take the ferry in Aken and then wind over some Harz roads to Osterode.
Of course, I also stop by in Torfhaus and enjoy the view of the Brocken.
In the highlands, the forest damage is very severe and visible everywhere.

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Karte 2022_06_15

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Great average for the first 3 miles (16 km/h=10 mph)
That does not work much longer
Leaving Berlin
Asparagus season is over
City train coach in a village
Ferry Aken - just departed
Ferry approaches
On the ferry
Chain of the ferry
Welcome to Harz mointains
Poppy fights cornflower
View to Brocken mountain
Forest damage
Torfhaus - View to Brocken mountain
Torfhaus - View to Brocken mountain
Forest damage
Other bikers
2Lerbach-Western loop into Weser mountain range

We go west to the Weser mountain range.
Very beautiful and gentle landscape, many winding roads and little traffic.
However, also few rest opportunities.

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Karte 2022_06_16

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Getting ready at the Hotel
Nice Scenery
Getting Fuel
Weser ferry Lippoldsberg
Us three on the ferry
Quick group ahead
Coffee break
Strawberry ice cream
Fulda river
Castle Münden
Narrow goat path in a forest
Harz mountains in sight
Getting fuel
Cows are going home

We change our hotel and ride across the Harz mountains south to the Rhön mountains. Again very nice roads and little traffic. We find opportunity for a morning coffee and at noon we get a good Thuringian bratwurst. In the higher Rhön we have great views of the landscape and also find a nice place for an ice cream in between. The hotel in Eckarts offers a good opportunity to rest in the afternoon and surprisingly good cuisine in the evening.

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Karte 2022_06_17

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Silence before getting ready
Felix is ready
Forest damage
Forest damage
Forest damage
Wood needs to be removed
Kyffhäuser ahead
Coffee break
Coffee break
Short break
Ski skating
Thuringian Bratwurst
Thuringian Bratwurst
Break with ice cream
Us three
Strange sign
View from Rhön-Höhenstraße
View from Rhön-Höhenstraße
Bad Brückenau
4Eckarts-Western loop Spessart-Vogelsberg-Rhön

It is getting really warm.
We try to stay in the higher altitudes. Does not succeed completely. In addition, the break supply is quite poor. On Hoherodskopf mountain we get a good apple spritzer.
With some effort we find a lunch stop.
But the roads are again very empty, curvy and also quite fast to drive.

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Karte 2022_06_18

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Gasthof zum Schwarzen Ross in the morning
Gasthof zum Schwarzen Ross in the morning
Bikes are waiting
Food delivery prevents departure
River Fränkische Saale
Old American cars
Vogelsberg area ahead
Ride throgh construction site
Hoherodskopf mountain
Other bikers
Crossing river Fulda
It is quite hot (33 C = 91 F)
Rhön mountain range ahead
Wasserkuppe mountain - Cradle of gliding
Airfield Wasserkuppe
Getting fuel
Kreuzberg mountain ahead
Nice cows
It is quite hot (34 C = 93 F)

I ride back to Berlin.
It is very hot.
I drive back through Rhön, Kyffhäuser and Harz mountains and again over the ferry in Aken.

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Karte 2022_06_19

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Farewell picture
Riding with Camel Bag
Rhön mountains ahead
Dreistelz mountain ahead
More than 800 m (2600 ft) elevation
Other bikers
Waterfall Trusetal
Petersenschacht Sondershausen
Break in Harz mountains
Fast group ahead
Other bikers
It is quite hot (35 C = 93 F)
Ferry Aken
River Elbe
Ferry Aken
River Elbe with ferry chain
White cows
Classic car
Big group
Last break
Looks like a wild fire
Back to Berlin
Firefighters going to the wild fire