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Easter, Warmbronn, April 2022

A short Easter trip but with a lot of entertainment.

On the rather cool ride I was able to enjoy the many signs of spring.

From Warmbronn there was then a lot to experience before I made my way back to Berlin.

1The journey to Warmbronn

It is cold and gray in the morning. Fortunately, it is not raining. Only south of the crest of the Thuringian Forest the sun comes out and spring shows itself in full splendor.

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Karte 2022_04_15

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Berlin shows tender green
The storks have arrived
In Stadtilm there is the mandatory stop...
... for the real Thuringian Bratwurst
Signs of spring
Signs of spring
A delicious birthday cake was waiting for me in Warmbronn
2Easter Saturday

We visit the Hegel House in Stuttgart. Besides an interactive multi-media show, there is also an Escape Room where you have to solve some riddles until you find a Hegel manuscript. We were so busy that there are no photos of it. Later we go on an electric boat on the Neckar River. The sun is merciful and so we have splendid views of the vineyards and the nature.

Us four on the river Neckar
Another boat approaches
It passes us and goes in front of us into the lock
The lock
Three of us
3Easter Sunday

Two excursion destinations are on the program. First, we hike a few meters up the Hohenstaufen mountain near Göppingen. From there we have a great view over the Swabian Alb. Afterwards we will visit Lingelbach's barn. There is a large collection of optical phenomena there. We have a private tour with Professor Lingelbach and can hardly tear ourselves away. A great experience. We wrap up the day with a good Swabian meal at Wirtshaus Garbe.

The Easter Bunny was there.
View from the base of Hohenstaufen
View of the Swabian Alb
The three of us on the summit
We also get a refreshment
On the way down
In Lingelbach's barn
Lego replicas of M.C.-Escher pictures (Staircase-Up-Staircase-Down and Relativity)
Nailed to the wall
Put the black parts together to form an E
Oh, they're already right.
Restaurant Wirtshaus Garbe
Swabian food
4The journey back to Berlin

Bright weather but freezing cold in the morning. I go back to Berlin and enjoy spring.

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Karte 2022_04_18

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The farewell committee
Just 3 C (38 F) in the morning
Easter decoration
Nice view to castle Veste Heldburg
Bratwurst break