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Italy, Trentino, June 2021

Finally out again and finally to Italy. Thomas asked me to come to Lago di Ledro near Lake Garda. I could not say no.

However, I also had an appointment with other friends in Stuttgart. Without further ado, we combined the two trips and I went to Stuttgart first and then moved on to Lago di Ledro from there.

The comrades

In Stuttgart I had to meet Andreas, Möni and Max.
Frank, Thomas, Martina and Birgit were waiting for me at Lago di Ledro.
The ride to Stuttgart

A beautiful day on the road. The weather was magnificent and I found beautiful roads.

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Map 2021_06_11

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I passed by the castle Neuenburg in Freyburg (Unstrut)
In Stadtilm I got my authentic Thuringian bratwurst.
Paddling on the river Enz

We used Saturday for a paddle trip on the river Enz. There was a lot of rush but on the water it was quiet and beautiful.

Many boats at the start point
Andreas and Max
Tom and Möni
Clear division of roles
Boat transfer
Queue at the access point
Standup paddlers
We conclude the evening with typical Württemberg food.
The ride to Lago di Ledro

From Stuttgart I drive to Lago di Ledro. That's 370 miles through Austria and Italy. The highlight is the Timmelsjoch pass. It was opened just two days before.

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Map 2021_06_13

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Farewell in the early morning
I ride through schwäbische Alb mountains...
... and through Allgäu mountains
Haldensee lake in Nesselwang (Austria)
On Timmelsjoch I drive through snow walls to the summit
Timmelsjoch summit
View on Austrian side - it is cold and windy
On the Italian side it is warm and windless
But there are snow walls too
I met Thomas and Martina at the top of the pass. Down in the valley in St. Leonhard we have coffee and ice cream.
On the way to Lago di Ledro I ride over Passo Campo Carlo Magno. It offers a great view.
The Hotel Mezzolago

The hotel is located directly on the lake. You always have a great view of the mountains. There is also a pool and direct access to the water. The food is very good and host Aldo is always there for us.

Hotel road side
Hotel lake side
Hotel Mezzolago
Beautiful view
Hotel Mezzolago
Mountains in the morning
Hotel in the morning
Lago di Ledro - Panorama
Hotel Mezzolago
The food is also very good and very rich.
Ausfahrt zum Passo San Boldo

Thomas wants to go to Passo San Boldo and then, of course, so do I. The pass has a remarkable history and indeed the hairpin bends cut into the mountain are very impressive.
More information can be found in Wikipedia.

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Map 2021_06_14

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Thomas has the diva with him. A brand new Ducati Streetfigher. At first it wants to be treated like a diva and won't start. A little later, the problem is solved and we can start.
We pass Gardasee
Morning coffee in Asiago
We will stop for lunch in a tiny village (Miane).
The bikes are waiting
We arrive at Passo San Boldo
The road is very narrow. That is why there is alternating traffic
At afternoon coffee break in Caldonazzo...
... we can see Kaiserjägerstraße in a distance. I will go there some days later.
Westrunde Passo Croccedomini

We want to go over the Passo Croccedomini. But it is closed because of two rockfalls. This adds a 55 miles detour and we come back quite late. New for us is Passo del Mortirolo. The road is bad but the view of the mountains is magnificent. And we get a nice lunch there too.

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Map 2021_06_15

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We have lost sight of each other. I'm waiting on the Passo Daone.
Thomas arrives
Morning coffee in Pinzol
Lunch on Passo del Montirolo
View on Passo del Montirolo
Nice food
Mountain views
Woodworkers block the road.
Once the truck is full, we are allowed to go through.
Northern loop to Stilfser Joch and Gaviapass

I am alone on the way to the Stelvio. The loop is quite long but I have not been on this pass for a long time and the views there are very nice. Then I go over Gaviapass. The southern ramp, however, is in a very bad condition. Since it is not very good to drive.

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Map 2021_06_16

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Lago di Tenno in the morning
There is fruit growing everywhere
At the Stelvio Pass, the hairpin bends are numbered. At the very bottom of the northern ramp, it starts with number 48.
Trafoi stream
Stilfser Joch Northern ramp
Stilfser Joch Northern ramp
Stilfser Joch Northern ramp
Stilfser Joch Northern ramp
I have to buy Bratwurst on the summit
Bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard in Vinschgau bread.
Dealers can not agree on the elevation.
Snow on southern ramp
The old pass road at the southern ramp
Stilfser Joch southern ramp
The last hairpin of the southern ramp has number 40.
Gaviapass is waiting for me
Snow and ice on the summit
View from the southern ramp
A young chamois passes by
It spotted me
Chamois with pass road
And off it goes
North eastern loop to Manghenpass

I ride over Kaiserjägerstraße, Manghenpass, Lavazèjoch. In addition, it goes along Lago di Molveno again.

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Map 2021_06_17

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In the morning we first enter the cold water of the Lago di Ledro
At the viewpoint Belvedere of Kaiserjägerstraße
Great view
Lago di Caldonazzo
There are more interested people
it is very quiet on the southern ramp of the Manghen Pass
The summit
The lodge on the northern ramp just below the top of the pass invites you for coffee.
View to the northern ramp
There is quite a lot of forest damage
... is extremely cheap given the location and the views
Lunch on Lavazèjoch
View to Adige valley
Lago di Molveno
The Lago di Molveno has a strong influent. The map does not show where it comes from. But Wikipedia knows more. A three mile long tunnel feeds water from the Sarca River.
In the evening magnificient view over Lago di Ledro to the mountains
Loop to Lake Garda

We want to enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Garda from Monte Baldo. So we drive a loop through the mountains on Lake Garda. We also go by ferry across the lake. The Tremalzo makes the finale, which ends as a dead end at the top.

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Map 2021_06_18

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You geht the best views at Rifugio Bocca di Navena
Lake Garda about 5000 ft below us
Ferry accross Lake Garda
We are on board
There is a group of Ferraris on board
The glas hood
A sailboat
The crew
View from the ferry
View back to the eastern banks
Another ferry
View back from the western banks to the lake
Lunch in the middle of the mountains of the western banks.
Bacon and melon
There comes chocolate ice cream with the coffee
Coffee break on top of Tremalzo
The other ramp is closed
One can see Lake Garda in a distance
Western ramp of Tremalzo
The ride back

The weather is good (rather too warm) and I decide to drive the 650 miles in one piece to Berlin. So I have to leave very early. I still drive over the Gampen, Jaufen and Brenner Pass and completely through Bavaria on country roads. At Hof I have to take the Autobahn for the last 230 miles.

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Map 2021_06_19

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Fisherman on Lago di Ledro in the early morning
There is quite a ride ahead
Last view to Lake Garda
The north ramp of the Jaufenpass is very bad. In a construction site then even gravel road.
I get into Austria on Brenner pass
There are many police check points in Austria
Lake Achensee
230 miles left. Now it gets onto the Autobahn
Back to Berlin
In total I have driven 2646 miles. Just today 656 miles. That was quite exhausting.
Overview of the routes taken

Map 2021_06_italien