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Pyrenees, September 2019

Again Pyrenees and again with Marcellus and Extreme Tours

This time we are four: Marcellus, Achim, Beat and myself.

We know where we go and we look forward to nice fall weather, great empty roads and good food.

We get surprised by a lovely hotel in France and get pampered by a very good Spanish Paella later on.

I ride 2300 miles, thereof 1500 in the Pyrenees.

1 All pictures

I have compiled a video with all 1.500 pictures taken by Marcellus and myself during the tour.

2 The journey to the Pyrenees

There is to conquer quite a distance. First I ride to Ammersee lake close to Munich to Marcellus. There the bikes get on a trailer and we proceed into Switzerland to pick up Beat and his bike and to change cars. We ride through the night to our starting point in Ille-sur-Têt in France

I start in the morning in the rain during Berlin rush hour
The bikes are on the trailer
Beat's bike came to the others
Arrival in the morning at Hotel Le Buis
Garage entry
Room and hotel are decorated quite nicely
My room
360 view arround my room
The hotel lobby
Ille-sur-Têt is a little French city meeting all clichés
Some breakfast
I have never seen a an age group parade before
The oldest parade participant
Achim has arrived and we have a bottle of wine before dinner
Great dinner in the city
We find this message from the hotel in the room
3 Ille-sur-Têt-La Molina

We start with the coast line of the Mediterranean Sea before we turn into the mountains.

Click here for a map with the route of the day

"Map 2019_09_29

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Brilliant breakfast in the hotel. Even the bread is home-baked.
Hotel Chambre d'Hôtes les Buis - Getting ready
Palm trees
Vineyards and mountains
Coastal Road
Cap de Cervera de la Marenda
A classic car parade passes by
The 240 feet motor yacht Excellence passes by
Cap de Cervera de la Marenda
We enter Spain
Morning coffee
View at the coastal road GI-682 at Salonic
The gang
A diving station next door
Independence signs everywhere
Southern ramp of Alt de la Trona
Col de la Creueta
Hotel Solineu - Arrival beer
4 La Molina-Benasque

The first highlight in the morning. We watch the sunrise on Coll de la Creueta. After breakfast we ride very nice roads through France and Andorra back to Spain.

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"Map 2019_09_30

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7.20 am - First sunlight
7.40 am - it gets brighter
7.46 am - just before sunrise
7.58 am - first sun beams on the other side of the pass
We pass a solar power plant
Main reflector - the world is upside dowm
Port de Pailhères
Port de Pailhères: Fall colors glow
Port de Pailhères
Port de Pailhères
Port de Pailhères: Eastern ramp
Port de Pailhères
Col d'Ordino
Col d'Ordino
Port del Cantó
La Noguera Pallaresa valley
5 Benasque-Western loop to Tourmalet

We get on the passes of Tour de France. And there are plenty of them: Col du Pourtalet, Col d'Aubisque, Col du Tourmalet, Col d'Aspin, Col du Peyresourde and Col du Portillon. It is quite foggy in France and on Col du Tourmalet we have to find our way downhill through 2.400 feet of elevation in less than 60 feet visibility

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"Map 2019_10_01

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Marcellus has a walk in the morning through Benasque
Hotel Ciria in the morning
Gorge of river Ésera
Morning coffee
Col du Pourtalet
Col du Pourtalet
Col d'Aubisque
Lunch on Col d'Aubisque
Col du Tourmalet
Heavy fog on Col du Tourmalet
6 Benasque-Seu d'Urgell

We stay in Spain and move on to Seu d'Urgell. We see a new pass Coll de Montilobar and we get homemade Paella for lunch.

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"Map 2019_10_02

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Coll de Montilobar
I have to have a flight here
Coll de Montilobar
Olive trees
Coll de Bóixols
Coll de Bóixols
40 km (25 miles) turns
Coll de Boix
Coll de Jou
Lunch in Cantina de Llinars
Paella for lunch
Mirador de la Trava
Mirador de la Trava - View to Seu d'Urgell
We have Tapas for dinner and get a local herb liqueur with a chestnut base
7 Seu d'Urgell-Southern loop

We stay in Seu d'Urgell and have a southern loop on very empty roads. I have my flight day and will be in the air in three different locations.

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"Map 2019_10_03

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Gorge of river El Segre
Col de Bóixols - Eastern ramp
Col de Bóixols
Coll de Bóixols
Col de Faidella/Col de Bóixols - Western ramp
Olive trees
Coll de Comiols
Coffee break at Cal Petit
Hotel owner is race driver Isidre Esteve Pujol
Lunch at Cal Majoral
C-26 and Alt de les Llosses
Castellar de n'Hug
Coll de la Creueta
Again Tapas for Dinner
We try another local herb liqueur
8 Seu d'Urgell-Ille-sur-Têt

The last day in Spain. We return via Andorra, France and Spain back to Ille-sur-Têt in France, the starting point of our tour.

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"Map 2019_10_04

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Marcellus explores Seu d'Urgell in the morning
Col d'Ordino in Andorra
We look around and I have to fly
Col d'Ordino
The group
The spectacular outlook Mirador Roc del Quer
Col d'Ordino
Roc del Quer from below
We have our morning coffee on Port d'Envalira
Port d'Envalira
Col de Puymorens
Solar thermal power plant Thémis Solaire
Paragliders pass by
Col d'Ares - The last pass in Spain
Back to Ille-sur-Têt we need to load the trailer
9 The journey back

The journey back is also quite long. We start in the morning and are back to Ammersee lake in the late evening. The next day I ride home in very cold but dry weather.

Breakfast in Hotel Le Buis
Hotel Le Buis
Back to Berlin