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Eifel and Nürburgring, August 2019

Part two of my 7000 km (4300 miles) summer ride. After the Alps tour I go to the Eifel mountains. I have some days to find some scenery. Then the bike needs tires and radiator replaced at KTM Motorradsport Schmitt before I participate the training at Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack. Finally I will get back home to Berlin

1 Wuppertal-Nürburg

I ride in a big loop from Wuppertal towards Belgium and Luxembourg, have a look at Saarschleife and proceed via Hunsrück mountains and Eifel mountains to the Nürburgring racetrack in Nürburg.

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"Map 2019_08_26

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At the Belgian Border
Border to Luxembourg
River Mosel
River Saar
Observation tower at Saarschleife
I fly a little bit. But some technical issues prevent me from taking all the pictures I want.
Saarschleife (loop of river Saar)
Concorde in the middle of nowhere. There is also an Interflug IL 18 and a Lufthasa Lockheed Super Constellation
First sign of Nürburgring race track
2 Nürburg-Southern loop

In order to get the pictures not taken yesterday I ride most of the same route as yesterday but in opposite direction.

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"Map 2019_08_27

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Nürburg in a distance
Eifel in the morning dust
Castle Reichsburg Cochem
Castle Reichsburg Cochem
Castle Reichsburg Cochem
Castle Reichsburg Cochem
River Mosel
Castle Reichsburg Cochem
Airport Hahn - old shelters
River Saar
Saarschleife (loop of river Saar)
Saarschleife (loop of river Saar)
3 Repair Works

I go to KTM Motorradsport Schmitt. I get new tires, new brake pads and a new radiator. So I am ready for the training on Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack.

Many Mercedes GT-R on their way to Nürburgring Nordschleife
Today there is a Mercedes GT R training
Repairs at Motorradsport Schmitt
Traces of the leaking radiator
Radiator removed
Old and new radiator
Mechanic Dennis has done his work and comes back from the test ride
Michael hands over the repaired bike. I had a lot of communication ahead of the visit and he made everthing possible.
4 Track training

I ride in two days and with brilliant weather 40 laps (more than 800 km (500 miles) on the Nordschleife track. Unfortunately the group did not fit that well. I am slower than the years before and have to change groups twice. But it was a lot of fun anyway.
Lap statistics and more track pictures here

Brilliant weather
We start a lapt (Picture from racepixx.de)
The group with instructor Sven Loll
Wunderlich bike
The tire is well used
Sunrise - it is going to be a beautiful day
Helmut Dähne - the eternal lap record holder
Im Karussell (Picture from racepixx.de)
The new group
We have lunch...
In Devil's Diner
Interesting guests in Nürburg
Nürburg Castle
Nürburg Castle
5 Journey home

I have to go more than 700 km (430 miles) back to Berlin. the closer I get to Berlin the hotter it gets.

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"Map 2019_08_31

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Farewell Nürburg
Morning Fog
35 Celsius (95 F)
Back to Berlin
I made 7013 km (4358 miles)