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Stuttgart, June 2019

I visit friends in Stuttgart. Together we visit the National Garden exhibition in Heilbronn and Warberg mountain. In addition we have a ride with Stuttgart Zacke train, a cog railway, we have an exit game and we look at the future of cinema.

1 National Garden Exhibition in Heilbronn

A nice exhibition in the center of the city

Stilt Walkers welcome us
The Stihl Pavilion blends into the scenery
Locomotives remember the former use as a cargo train terminal
Farm robot prototypes
Karlssee lake
Wartberg mountain in a distance
Colorful Art
Bionic structures from carbon fiber and glas fiber enforced plastic. Each beam weighs about 160 pounds and can withstand 28 tons.
Flower show
Flowers and Flowers
Art - Live Vest Shelfs in River Neckar
2 Wartberg mountain

Wartberg is a little mountain close to Heilbronn

View to Heilbronn
In a distance the National Garden Exhibition
The Watershow runs
360 View from the Tower on Wartberg Mountain
Nice Vineyards
Us four ...
... with cake and cool drinks
3 Stuttgarter Zacke train

A cog train which climbs about 615 feet of elevation. Quite special

At the starting point Marienplatz
The cograil
The train passes by
View from the track
4 Exit Game

We play an exit game. We finish 6 minutes ahead of time including two extra tasks.

Exit game Secret Service. We have to find a mole within the secret service
Heavy rain in the afternoon in Esslingen
5 Samsung-LED-Cinema

We have a look at the future of cinema and watch a movie on the one and only LED screen in Germany

Cinema Traumpalast in Esslingen
We watch Men in Black International
Samsung Onyx is quite impressing. The screen is super bright and the picture is very crisp. Even 3D with shutter glasses is great. And black is black. No black bars visible on top and at the bottom of the screen. This kind of future is very welcome.