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Qatar, December 2018

The end of the year we want to relax in warm and sunny weather. We are in Doha, capital city of Qatar.

At the Persian Gulf, rich and with a good blend of arabic tradition and modern life.

1 The Hotel

We stay at Hotel Ritz Carlton Sharq Village, directly located at the bay of Doha. You have a brilliant view to the skyline of Doha Commercial Area. It is a big resort. Rooms are arragend in villas around the pool area where you can have a bath or a take a sunbath.

Pool area
Main pool
Palm trees
Night views
It did rain one morning. But an hour later everything had dried.
Christmas decoration was inside the hotel only.
A Ford classic car at the entry of the hotel
The hotel beach
Quite close is the base of Gulf Helicopters. They service the offshore oil rigs with AgustaWestland AW189. We can see them fly quite frequently.
2 Skyline Doha

You have a brilliant view to the Doha skyline from the hotel beach. The view changes depending on weather and time of the day.

Panorama Doha
When it rains
When the sun shines
The national museum
At sunset
After sunset
In the evening
Very big cruise ships visit Doha. Here the Aida Prima (4350 passengers, 900 staff)
Cruise ship MSC Lirica (2680 passengers, 750 staff)
Cruise ship Mein Schiff 4 (2506 passengers, 1000 staff)
3 Air parade on Independence day

Independence day is 18 December (Qatar declared independence in 1878). On the two days before we could see training flights. On the 18th we watched the big air parade.

Air acrobatics in formation
Fighters flying in formation
Transporter planes
Another formation
Another time air acrobatics
And again fighters in formation
The day of the parade. First a colored band - in national colors - is being painted over the skyline
Transporter planes eject flares
The air acrobatics
Great flight in formation
Parachuters come from high elevation
Flying in formation too
They are dragging flags
National flag of Qatar
Probably the king
4 Walk to the national museum

The building looks quite interesting and is quite close to the hotel. It has been designed by architect Jean Novuel and is inspired by a desert rose (a gypsum cristal formation). So I do a little walk. But there is not much to see as the museum has not opened yet.

I cross a beautiful park
The museum on the other side of the road
Traffic sign
The museum
Traffic sign
Construction site
5 Sightseeing Tour Doha

We have booked a sightseeing tour. We go to Pearl Island, the Museum of Islamic Art and to the old market.

Pearl Island is a man made island with a lot of apartment buildings on it
We get explained how it has been designed.
A promenade on the water
We get driven around
Palm trees on the water
Hotel Kempinski with a big horse in front of it
The Museum of Islamic Art is a brilliant building designed by I.M. Pei
The Lobby
The Ceiling
A turkish warrier
View to the Doha skyline
Sunset over the old dow port
The central mosque
A falcon shop
All in a sudden we are in front of the stage of a live TV show
Police horses
The exercise pen for the horses right in front of the king's palace
The old market Souq Waqif
Narrow lanes
A music band passes by
Fun fair in front of the central mosque
6 Tour into the desert

We go into the desert. We drive along the coast line southbound to the border of Saudi Arabia

We pass a stadium construction site for the Soccer World Championships
First stop with typical tourist entertainment: Camel riding
There is also a falcon
A funny bus
There are private desert camps all over the place
Desert at the coast line
If desert then Toyota Landcruiser
Modern Caravan
At the border to Saudi Arabia
Desert just before sunset
One can also use other vehicles
Sunset in the desert
7 The flights

We fly with Qatar Air both directions. We fly all across Europe, Turkey, Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf. The flight takes about 6 hours.

Before entering the Boeing 777
Erbil in Iraq
Baghdad in Iraq
Long queues on immigration
At departure a view to the hotel (the white buildings in the upper center of the picture)
Doha port
Doha Commercial Area
Big Archie in Doha
The last view to Doha
Kuweit - on the right bottom one can see the well known water towers of Kuweit
Snow in the transsilvanian Alps (southern Carpathians) north of Brasov in Rumania
Berlin welcomes us with clouds and rain