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Warmbronn, May 2018

I visit friends in Warmbronn close to Stuttgart. We want to visit a tower, a cave and a castle.

1 The Tower

We visit the Thyssen-Krupp Elevator Test Tower in Rottweil. It is 807 feet high and has an observation deck at 761 feet elevation. It is the highest observation deck in Germany.

The tower from a distance
A little bit closer
The five of us
At the tower
View to Rottweil
Scenery with bridge
The four on the observation deck
Bikers are there too
The city of Rottweil
City Gate
A memorial for the dog coming from this town
2 The Cave

We visit Wimsener Höhle. You can go by boat into the cave.

There is a little stream and an old mill
The stream
Cave Entry
Inside the cave
3 The Castle

We have a little hike in Lautertal Valley and walk to Castle Ruin Hohengundelfingen

The Castle Ruin Hohengundelfingen
The Lady of the castle
Castle Ruin Hohengundelfingen
Rocks in the valley
The valley
View from the Castle into the Valley
The Valley