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Corsica, April 2018

A crazy spring operation. Thomas and I drive in total 1680 miles (2700 km) with a VW van just to ride about 1000 miles (1600 km) on our motorbikes on Corsica. But it is worth it. Corsica in spring is quite decent with nice temperatures around 70 F (20 C). The island is beautiful with a huge variety of scenery. There are steep mountains and cliffs, a beautiful coast line, many animals and french food. We enjoyed our stay there very much.

1 Journey to Savona

We have to drive 750 miles (1200 km) through 4 countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy) to get to the ferry in Savona/Italy. We start at 5 am in the morning and the ferry will leave at 9 pm in the evening. This is exhausting.

Breakfast stop in an Autobahn service area
Snow on San Bernardino Pass in Switzerland
Good Italian Coffee is the reason for the next stop
We reach the ferry terminal at about 5 pm.
The ferry terminal
Our ferry
Corsica Ferries Mega Express
Thomas watches loading
2 The Arrival

The ferry goes over night and arrives in the morning in Bastia. Then there are about 100 miles (150 km) to the hotel. So there is time for a first little ride in the afternoon.

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"Map 2018_04_18

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Another ferry approaches Bastia
A Moby-Line ferry approaches too
The port of Bastia
Waiting for disembarkation
On our bikes we discover Bonifacio
On top of the cliffs
3 North Western Loop

We ride into North Western direction. We discover pigs, mountains and good food.

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"Map 2018_04_19

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Walking around in the morning. The bikes are waiting.
The village of Zonza
Hotel Le Tourisme
Pool area
View from the hotel
Offroad bikers are there as well
View to mountains while riding
View to mountains
Gorge of river Le Golo
4 North Eastern loop

We look at the other side of the island. Highlight will be Bocca di Sorba where we let the quadrocopter fly

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"Map 2018_04_20

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The village Serra-di-Scopaméne glows every morning in the sun
We have to stop again and again to enjoy the views
Mountain view
Bocca di Sorba
View at Bocca di Sorba
The copter gets prepared
360 panorama of Bocca di Sorba
Remainings of a crash
We enjoy the scenery
Another car wreck
Valée de la Restonica
Thomas in Valée de la Restonica
The final pass of the tour is Bocca di Bavedda
5 South Western Loop

We discover two stunning mountain views on tiny little roads and we return to Bonifacio. We explored a little path which brought us straight to the edge of the cliffs. A good place to fly.

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"Map 2018_04_21

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Mountains on Route D56
Thomas enjoys the vista
We have a look from above
Return of the aircraft
Mountain view at Route D19
Bonifacio sits directly on top of the cliffs
Below the edge
I fly again in the evening in order to get some pictures of the hotel in low sun
Hotel Le Tourisme
Panorama of the Hotel and Zonza
6 Calanques de Piana

We go to the red cliffs of Calanques de Piana at the Western coast. Quite impressive. But Bocca di Sant'Ustasgiu impresses us too.

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"Map 2018_04_22

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Panorama at Bocca di Sant'Ustasgiu - we will return
Calanques de Piana
We are tiny
View from above
Calanques de Piana
We enjoy the views
View at another stop at Calanques de Piana
We have lunch in Porto
French food
Back to Bocca di Sant'Ustasgiu
Above Bocca di Sant'Ustasgiu
Bocca di Sant'Ustasgiu - Above the cliffs on the other side of the road
Tom and Thomas
7 Farewell

We have time left for a small mountain loop. Then we have to go back to the ferry.

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"Map 2018_04_23

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Another stop at Bocca di Sant'Ustasgiu
Bocca di Sant'Ustasgiu
Snow covered mountains in a distance
Surprisingly good views at Route D26
Tour is over
A ferry comes into the port of Bastia
The bikers just start their holidays
Our ferry has arrived
On board of the ferry
Last view of Corsica and Bastia
8 The journey back to Berlin

We have to drive another 750 miles (1200 km) home to Berlin

The pilot comes...
...and gets on board
Port of Savona
We have booked Top Position
The ramp opens and we are the first to get off the ferry
Close to the Swiss border we get a last Italian coffee