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Alpen - Southern France, September 2017

I do a repeat of the Southern France tour Alpenglühn with Extreme-Tours, which I have done last year. It takes 6 days to go over more than 100 passes in Switzerland, France and Italy.

The weather was great and I enjoyed brillant roads, views and good food with my co-riders.

In total I did 3000 miles of which 1430 miles belonged to the 6 days of riding the Alps (yes, I have a long journey to/from the Alps). In total we climbed 41 miles.

With me on the ride were Beat and Marcellus so we were only a group of 3 due to two late cancellations. Before I went there I visited Kurt in Black Forest. I know him from the KTM forum. He rides his bike like I do and he wanted to show me some of his favorite roads in Black Forest.

This year we have changed all but one routes. So we got new gorgeous roads and views. And we got new views from the drone I carried with me.

1 Day 1

I go cross Gernamy to the Black Forest to visit Kurt. At the same time there are some rain systems crossing the country. I got through it with just a little bit of rain.

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Map 2017_08_31

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In Saxony-Anhalt I spotted this weird street sign ("Luftschiff"=blimp)
In Stadtilm I get my Bratwurst as usual
In heavy rain I spot a KTM Racing Truck
2 Day 2

It rains until noon. The Kurt shows me some nice roads

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Map 2017_09_01

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Viewpoint in Black Forest
We meet an arabian family from Dubai. We have a chat, get arabian coffee and we take pictures.
Kurt ahead
Another overlook
3 Day 3

I proceed to Champery in Switzerland to the starting point of the tour.

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Map 2017_09_02

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It pours heavily
Weather in Champery is not so good either
Beat arrives in full rain gear
4 Day 4

We go to Aix-Les-Bains. We changed the tour the way that we go via Col de la Croisette and Col du Grand Colombier having Mont du Chat in the Evening with the sun in the back. It gives a gorgeous view over the lake Lac du Bourget

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Map 2017_09_03

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Bikes are ready
There is snow on the mountains
First stop Col de la Ramaz
Coffee break on Col de la Feu
Lunch break on Col de la Croisette
At Pont de la Caille we deploy the drone for the first time
Col du Grand Colombier offers a nice view over Lac du Bourget
Tom gets ready to proceed
View from Mont du Chat to Lac du Bourget
Le Revard on the other side of the lake
We have good French food for dinner
5 Day 5

We go to Gresse-en-Vercors. We start in the morning with the overlook Le Revard. We have the sun in the back again and have a marvelous view to the lake.

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Map 2017_09_04

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Le Revard
Mont du Chat on the opposite side of the lake
Our hotel was next to the church
Coffee break on Col de la Clusaz. The dog was waiting for us
Plan du Faz
Lunch break in Pont-en-Royans again
Tom is ready
Combe Laval and Col Gaudissart are closed
We get some views anyway
Col du Rousset in the evening
At the hotel Le Châlet in Gresse-en-Vercors ...
Klaus receives us...
and we get finest food for dinner
6 Day 6

The only day with an unchanged route. We go to Barcelonette and pass Lac de Serre-Ponçon. The lake glows blue in the sun as always.

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Map 2017_09_05

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In the morning the drone flys in Gresse-en-Vercors ...
and then at Pont du Brion
On Col du Festre ...
the dog wants to play ...
and we get a good lunch
Col du Noyer from a different view angle
Having arrived at Lac de Serre-Ponçon ...
we get gorgeous views.
Tire change in the evening ...
and we get a good dinner
7 Day 7

We do a loop to Col du Turini and go over some high passes along the way

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Map 2017_09_06

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The day starts with Col du Cayolle
In Roubion we get some different viewing angles with the drone
Coffee break in a mountain village
Riding Col du Turini
Everything points to Ralley Monte Carlo
Another flight in Entrevaux
Amazing Gorges de Daluis with red rock and deep gorges
Col des Champs
Col d'Allos is the last pass of the day
8 Day 8

Colle dei Morti and Colle di Sampeyre are closed. So we change the route and go via Col du Vars and Col de Larche. We leave out Galibier and Telegraphe and go via Col de Sarenne and Col de la Confession instead. In the evening we have Col du Glandon and Col de la Croix de Fer. Very nice route. But in the very beginning we climb Col de la Bonette.

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Map 2017_09_07

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Col de la Lombarde
Marcellus and Beat on Northern ramp of Col de la Lombarde
Col de Larche
Gorges du Guil
Col d'Izoard
Brilliant view to the glacier at Col du Lautaret
The changed route brings us up Col de Sarenne ...
and Col de la Confession
In the evening we pass Col du Glandon and Col de la Croix de Fer
9 Tag 9

We discovered Mont Vernier and Col de Chaussy and proceed via Col de la Madeleine on the last years route to Col du Pré, Cormet du Roselend and Col du Petit St. Bernard.

Morning fog in the valley
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Map 2017_09_08

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Random picture. The drone is ready for Mont Vernier.
Mont Vernier
Col du Chaussy new to us too.
Col de la Madeleine provides the scenery for the morning coffee
Col du Pré lets me stop to enjoy scenery and silence
Mont Blanc in a distance
Lunch break on Col du Pré
On Col du Petit St. Bernard I can see all the mountains in a distance
Sacred Bernhard of Menthon
Saint Bernhard dog
I complete the route by passing Mont Blanc tunnel - quite an expensive exercise
10 Day 10

I return home in one go. There are rain systems over Germany. I go 715 miles mainly on the Autobahn. But getting a Thuringian Bratwurst in Stadtilm is a must.

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Map 2017_09_09

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