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Slovenia, May 2017

New, yet unknown territory. I have never been to Bosnia. In addition Slowenia, Croatia, a little bit of Austria ans some Czechia. And my two american riding buddies Paul and Rick. And for the first time I took my camera drone with me. It allows for pictures from new viewing angles and it is fun to fly this little thing.

2900 miles (4700 km) in nice scenery along the Adriatic coast and in the country side, good food, mostly good weather: 10 days full of great experience I will remember for quite some time.

1 Overview

In ten days we did quite a few border crossings: Germany, Czechia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Croatia, Bosnia, Croatia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovenia, Austria, Slovenia, Austria, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czechia, Germany.

Find here an overview of the routes taken

Map 2017_05_19_slowenien

We took more than 1600 pictures which I have compiled in this little video
2 Day 1 - Journey to Slovenia

Slovenia is a bit remote. Paul and Rick fly out of New Your via Frankfurt to Ljubljana in Slovenia. I go across Gernany to Austria where I stay over night in a nice little hotel in the mountains.

Click here for a map with the route of the day

Map 2017_05_19

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Before take off in New York
Scenery in Brandenburg
First impressions of Ljubljana
Incidentally I pass by the KTM plant in Austria
Hotel Häuserl im Wald in Mitterberg. Opportunity to launch the drone
Evening in Ljubljana
3 Day 2 - Journey to Rab

We want to meet in Rab, an island in Croatia. Paul and Rick start from Ljubljana and I come from Mitterberg in Austria

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Map 2017_05_20

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Nice view to the mountains in Austria
Cows on the road
It is quite cold (3.5 C &equal; 38 F)
Adriatic sea
We meet on the ferry to Rab
Rick and Tom
Walk into town in the evening
Tom, Rick, Paul
4 Day 3 - Rab-Split

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Map 2017_05_21

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Morning at the hotel
The day welcomes us with an interesting light mood
Our regular routine: morning coffee break
Paul, Rick
Suckling for lunch
Nice sunny wether in Split and the hotel is quite comfortable
Walk into town for dinner
5 Day 4 - Split-Mostar/Bosnia

We do a loop to Mostar in Bosnia.

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Map 2017_05_22

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But first we enjoy the morning and the drone flys over the bay
Brilliant views to the Adriatic coast line
In Bosnia
Traces of war and many construction sites
We have lunch directly next to the famous stone arch bridge
Ride along river Neretva
Rakija in the evening
6 Day 5 - Split-Bosnia

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Map 2017_05_23

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Drone flight in the morning Hotel
Sunrise at the Hotel
The other side of the bay
Rick likes the downwash of the drone
Again nice views to the Adriatic coast line
and good food for lunch
In the evening we get a great sunset and local fish
7 Day 6 - Split-Banja Luka

We continue our ride from Split to Banja Luka in Bosnia

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Map 2017_05_24

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Getting ready
Crossing the border
Police speed check. They give up as they do not know how to handle an american drivers license
Paul gets Burek, finally
Weather is not so good in between
In the evening we walk into town
It is graduation time and there are a lot of graduates on their way to the prom
Dinner in a castle at the river
Evening in Banja Luka
8 Day 7 - Banja Luka-Maribor

We go via Novi Grad into Croatia and proceed to Maribor in Slowenia

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Map 2017_05_25

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Lunch with Cevapcici
Rick and Paul are not permitted to enter Slovenia. The checkpoint is for EU citizens only. We have to return and use another checkpoint. Quite strange
9 Day 8 - Maribor-Southern loop

The best riding day on tiny empty roads in Slovenia. And the drone will fly too.

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Map 2017_05_26

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Start in the morning
Coffee break
Tiny roads through vineyards and woods
The castle is a good target for the drone
Another castle
Cevapcici again
We ignore the traffic light. No problem for anyone
More tiny roads
Vineyards in Austria
Nice dinner in Maribor
10 Day 9 - Maribor-Kranjska Gora

We go along the Slovenian/Austrian border to Kranjska Gora

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Map 2017_05_27

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Morning coffee at Soboth reservoir
into Slovenia
Photo sabotage
Nice viewpoint on Seebergsattel pass in Austria
And back to Slovenia. The road seems to be a popular motorbike road
Drone flight
Dinner in Kranjska Gora
And another flight
Farewell beer
11 Day 10 - Journey home

I have almost 600 miles (1000 km) ahead of me

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Map 2017_05_28

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Breakfast at 5:30 a.m.
Across the mountains in Austria
Last border crossing
Back to Berlin
A long tour is over