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Loop through Germany, July 2016

One week vacation filled with very different activities with friends in Berlin, on Nürburgring Norschleife race track and on some roads and locations in Germany. Weather was gread and I had a lot of fun.

And along the way I did 2278 miles (3667 km) on my bike - including 500 miles (800 km) on Nürburgring Nordschleife race track.

1 Berlin

Visiting friends means sightseeing.

First we climbed a historic gasometer in Berlin Schöneberg. The view in 80 meters height (260 ft) is quite impressive.
Andreas, Monika, Max, Tom
The big sundae came along rather by chance
Canoeing in Berlin
A sea plane
The Molecule Man within the river Spree
The evening we went to a nice baroque concert in the Charlottenburg royal palace The next day started with an exit game
Then we went to the former Airport Berlin Tempelhof (THX) for Segway riding
In a distance one can see Gasometer Schöneberg
2 Nürburgring Nordschleife race track

After the Berlin weekend I went to Nürburgring to attend a two day training on the legendary Nordschleife. I did 800 km (500 miles) in two days.

Find more pictures in this report
3 Mosel Rhine Danube tour

From Nürburgring I went on a Mosel Rhine Danube tour to Schwabmünchen to visit my friend Wolfgang. On my way I met Kurt of the KTM forum. He showed me around his area and some nice spots at river Danube.

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Map 2016_07_07

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River Mosel
Chasing Kurt
View to river Danube at Rauhen Stein cliff...
... and at Knopfmacherfelsen cliff
4 Touring with Wolfgang

I did two nice rides with Wolfgang.

On the first day we went through Allgäu mountains into the Alps and on top of Furkajoch.
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Map 2016_07_08

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Allgäu mountains
Sulzberg (Austria)
Furkajoch (Austria)
The second day we did a loop through alpine upland
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Map 2016_07_09

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Church on Auerberg mountain
Peißenberg mountain
At the end of the day we visited a classic car meeting in Landsberg
ADAC is the German equivalent to the AAA in the US or the AA in the UK
5 Riding home to Berlin

After nine days full of great experiences I have to go back to Berlin

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Map 2016_07_10

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At the former iron curtain in Germany