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Wuppertal, August 2013

Visit to the Wieden Family in Wuppertal. We do some sightseeing and visit Müngstener Brücke and Schloss Burg in Solingen, an ancient castle where knight plays take place.

The journey to Wuppertal takes me through some scenic areas in Germany. Starting with Harz Mountains, then going through Weserbergland, Sauerland and Bergisches Land.
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Brückenpark with Müngstener Brücke (bridge) The bridge is 350 ft high and 1500 ft long and the highest steel grid bridge in Germany.
There is a so called floating ferry which gets operated like a handcar
At the banks of river Wupper. Natalie and Dana
There is a cable car up to Schloss Burg castle
A goat receives us on top.
The tower of the castle
Natalie explores the wall of the castle
View from the tower
The knight play starts
The players
The play starts
Fighting knights
Happy End
more views of the castle
Wieden family
And the view from the cable car to the valley
The journey back to Berlin is another good ride.
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Map 2013_08_18

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