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Sardinia, March 2013

Thoughts of escape. Winter is freezing cold and does not end. Even the crocusses have to drill themselves through the snow.

So it was good that Thomas wanted to start the year with a trip to Sardinia. We expect spring, Italian scenery, Italian coffee and Italian food. Travelling there is a challenge. At this time of the year you cannot pass the Alps with a bike. And taking the van takes quite a time and will even need an overnight ferry trip. And we had just two seats in the van. But we found a solution.
We have made more than 2000 km / 1300 miles on bike in Sardinia and have enjoyed a week of Italian spring.
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Map 2013_03_sardinien

1 Travelling to Sardinia

Thomas and Rico make the long trip with the van. Across Germany, via Brenner in Austria

through the Alps
to Italy They had time for a stop in Bologna at the Ducati plant
and in Pisa
Then they take the overnight ferry from Livorgno to Olbia/Sardinia
The next morning I will take off with an airplane
The town is packed with snow
The city centre of Berlin
The new airport BER (not yet in operation)
Arriving in Munich I can see the snow covered Alps
Now I sit in Munich while Thomas and Rico can do their first turn.
I arrive in Sardinia in the evening
While approaching I can see the ferry having arrived
The I go with Thomas in the van to our hotel in Santa Maria Navarrese, where Rico had to ride his bike to.
2 Day #1

Weather is not great. Quite chilly and there is still snow up in the Mountains.

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Map 2013_03_18

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The hotel is nice and quite italian. It is still to cold for the patio but I can imagine having a beer in the evening there.
Rain showers do not stop us from riding and we get amazing views and rainbows.
And we start our usual routine. Morning coffee and afternoon coffee - very Italian.
And we can see snow
3 Day #2

Weather gets better. Still chilly but sunny.

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Map 2013_03_19

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We find nice vistas - even with snow covered mountains.
We will visit this coffee bar on three days.
Passo di Correboi is quite impressive
In the evening we will get quite surprised by this brilliant panoramic view to Arbatax. We will see this some more times too.
View to Talana
Thomas has a look at the beach of Santa Maria Navarrese in the evening.
Videos of the day
Ride from Desulo to Tonara
Ride from Tonara to Tiana
Ride from Tiana to Ortzei
Ride from Ortzei to Gavoi
4 Day #3

It is raining again. So we go south where we expect it being warmer.

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Map 2013_03_20

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The panoramic view to Arbatax in the rain
Lago del Flumendosa in exciting mood of light
Italian lunch
In the afternoon we find a gem of a road. Strada Statale Orientale del Sarda between Villagio delle Mimose and Riu Accu Nius is a dream for riding.
And we have our afternoon coffee
Thomas has a look at the marina in the evening
5 Day #4

Now we want sun. It will get a beautiful day and we will see a lot of different free running animals: Pigs, Cows, Goats, Donkeys, Horses

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Map 2013_03_21

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Another spot with view to Arbatax
At lake Lago Alto del Flumendosa we see wild pigs
Nice view at lake Lago del Flumendosa
As always: an inconsiderable house and a small door and inside best Italian food.
The Italian way to operate a railroad crossing
More scenerey at lake Lago die Mulargia
and in the valley of Fiume Flumendosa
Videos of the day
Ride from Tortoli to Ilbono
Where to turn left in Ilbono
Ride from Lanusei to Arzana
Ride from Arzana to Lago Alto Flumendosa
6 Day #5

The last day in Santa Maria Navarrese. We want to visit the west coast of Sardinia.

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Map 2013_03_22

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Lake Lago di Mulargia looks quite nice.
There is a house in the lake
Morning coffee in morning sun
We get to the west coast at Torre dei Corsari
The tire gets checked. The tread pattern vanishes too fast
A fish restaurant for lunch. The choice of fish
Pasta with seafood
and fried fish
And we have our coffee
Thoms the cow tamer - without success
The tire is toast.
Videos of the day
Passo di Correboi - Fun with Cows
Ride from Correboi to Talana - Fun with
Ride from Talana to Lotzorei
7 Day #6

Travelling home. We will go to Olbia and there we will part.

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Map 2013_03_23

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Last view to Santa Maria Navarrese
Very nice beach at the east coast
Now my trip comes to an end. I have to pack and go to the airport. Thomas and Rico can do another loop before the board the ferry at night.
Unfortunately my flight was delayed. So the two come and visit me in the evening at the airport.
It was a great week.
Video of the day
Passo Genna Silana
8 What else?

Travelling to and from Sardinia is a challenge. While I am writing this travel report, Thomas and Rico are somewhere in Austria and have to drive home for another 10 hours or so.

It is still freezing cold in Berlin. We had -10 C (14 F) in the night and in the morning my thermometer showed -7 C (19 F).
This advertisement in Munich airport was a hit. People passing by started laughing and made pictures.
It says "Want horsepowers?"
A week later on Good Friday (29 March) Berlin looks like this: