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Munich, October 2012

Remake of a hiking day with Patrick, Viktoria, Amelie, Frederik and Konstantin. We have done this already in 2010 and 2009.

It's end of October but we are very lucky with the weather. During my journey to Munich I can enjoy fall colors everywhere.
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Map 2012_10_19

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We go to the summit station of the Reither Kogel cable car. The car is already closed for the winter and so we are almost alone We have sun, blue sky and temperatures in the 80s.
Changing into hiking boots.
First vista
All cameras are on
The first playground. There are several along the trail so the kids have some fun on the way. Here we can see Patrick and Amelie in action.
A wooden carriage
Amelie and Konstantin get a ride from Frederick.
Nice view
Frederick and the cows
The next playground
Views into Alpbach valley
Climbing Reither Kogel mountain - it's quite steep.
From the top we have a great view into Zillertal valley ...
... and to a farm
Group picture after the decline. Tom, Frederick, Konstantin, Viktoria, Amelie and Patrick (fltr)
On Sunday I go back home to Berlin. But first the kids have to try the bike. Konstantin
The journey back to Berlin starts with heavy fog fighting against the fall colors.
Later on it gets sunny and I find myself amongst bright fall colors.
Click here for a map with the route and more pictures of the day

Map 2012_10_21

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