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Madeira, October 2012

My parents went to Madeira and there was the birthday of my dad. So I decided to go there, surprise them and celebrate birthday with them.

Weather in Germany got worse day by day with temperatures dropping into the 30s and first snow coming in. Weather on Madeira is much warmer with temperatures in the 70s but its rainy and stormy too.

1 Journey to Madeira

I have a stop in Munich.

There I can see rain mixed with snow.
Later in the flight we pass Toulouse ...
... and Lisbon
Land ahoy!
The neighboring island of Porto Santo
Approach to Madeira
2 Sightseeing Funchal

Sightseeing in Funchal is rather short due to the heavy (but warm) rain.

We go by cable car to Monte.
Red roofs everywhere
Steep roads
Cathedral Igreja de Nossa Senhora Do Monte
Gorgeous view to Funchal
Tourists get pushed down the mountain on wooden slides
Rain stops in the afternoon and we can watch some boats. This is Club Med 2
A cruise ship comes in ...
... and it is AIDAsol. It gets received by the pilot
The ship in the port (the Adventure of the Seas to the right)
AIDAsol to the left
Funchal at night
3 A sunny day

We have some sun the next day and we relax in the hotel. There we have some fun with little lizzards.

Watching for food
In the afternoon we can watch the cruise ships leaving. First the Adventure of the Seas ...
... and then the AIDAsol
4 Storm, rain and big waves

The ship does not get into the port. It waits for half a day outside and then it leaves.
Wonderful sun after the storm. The lower pools are polluted with sea water.
The sea remains heavy.
Great view to Funchal with blue sky
5 Levada walk

There are little water channels in the Madeira Mountains called Levada. You can walk aside the Levada (preferrably downhill) and can see some of the scenery. I walk 7 miles from Ribeiro Frio to Porto Da Cruz.

High mountains of Madeira
Feels like being in the jungle
A little bird visits us during a break
wild nature
View to Porto Da Cruz
The rainbow gives a clue what the weather was like
6 Journey back to Berlin

Even the last day offers some rain and gray clouds to us.

Air Berlin brings us back
The runway
Last view to Madeira