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Alps, June 2012

Another great tour into the Dolomites, part of the Alps in Northern Italy. This time the group of Rico, Tom, Martina, Irmgard, Wolfgang and Thomas. An amazing week with a lot of passes, challenging roads, breath taking mountain views, a lot of delicious food, Italian coffee, drinks in the evening and having a good time with some friends.

We went to the little town of Welschnofen in South Tyrol - an area where the official languages are German and Italian.

1 Day 1

I have to ride with Rico from Berlin to Schwabmünchen where we meet Wolfgang and Irmgard. Just travelling, nothing exciting.

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Map 2012_06_16

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2 Day 2

We go from Schwabmünchen to the Dolomites. In between we pass Hahntenjoch, Timmelsjoch (my favorite pass), Jaufen Pass, Penser Joch, Rittenhochstrasse Road to the Hotel in Welschnofen

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Map 2012_06_17

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First stop with the mountains in sight
Hahntenjoch in Austria
Wolfgang found somebody he knew
Timmelsjoch, a pass between Austria and Italy. Still snow on top
Wolfgang is climbing down the southern ramp into Italy ...
... while Rico still enjoys the views on top...
... before he proceeds down into Italy
View from northern ramp of Jaufen Pass
It is always crowded on top of Jaufen Pass
Wolfgang and Irmgard arrive at Penser Joch
View from Penser Joch
And then - at Rittenhochstrasse Road - all in the sudden you can see the mighty rocks of the Dolomites. This is where we want to go.
Our Hotel Pardeller in Welschnofen with amazing food, big rooms and a very committed crew. The hotel dog is walking around the corner of the house
3 Day 3

We have planned a loop towards south east in order to catch a view to Lake Garda. First part of the ride was a little bit boring but then we went up into the mountains and got what we were looking for.

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Map 2012_06_18

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First stop at Bocca del Creen
Thomas does not want to get off his bike
Second stop - just two miles later at Bocca di Navene we get the view to Lake Garda
Lunch at Bocca di Navene
Looking back to Bocca del Creen
Later we get over Kaiserjägerstrasse Road with great views towards Caldonazzo
4 Day 4

Monte Grappa is our target today. It is south east of Welschnofen. We have to go via Manghen and we find a great little road between Castello Tessino and Grigno.

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Map 2012_06_19

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Gathering in the morning
Manghen Pass is our first stop for the morning coffee
View down the northern ramp of Manghen Pass
A deer with two kids crosses the road on southern ramp of Manghen
Can you spot the deer?
Lunch in Carpanè
It is quite hot
Fortress at Monte Grappa where serious battles took place during World War I.
Irmgard sitting outside the hotel with the dog chatting and having fun
5 Day 5

The big thing. Today we do Sella Ronda, a loop of high passes within the heart of the Dolomites.

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Map 2012_06_20

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We start with Pordoi Pass
Morning coffee at Pordoi
Eastern ramp of Pordoi
View from northern ramp of Campolongo Pass towards Corvara
Valparola Pass
Nice blue flowers
View to Falzarego Pass
Quite a shock in Canazei. Fuel is at 2 Euros per Litre (about 7.50 EUR per Gallon or about 9.45 USD/Gallon at this time)
Sella Joch
Wolfgang and Rico at Sella Joch
Wolfgang and Irmgard arriving at Würzjoch where we have our afternoon coffee
View from Würzjoch
6 Day 6

A loop towards the East.

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Map 2012_06_21

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We start with Fedaia Pass
Then we have nice views from Santa Lucia
Then Giau Pass where the 29 Tornanti sign is from
View to western ramp of Giau Pass
Lago di Misurina
Staulanza Pass
In the evening we have a chat and a beer in front of the hotel Irmgard, Wolfgang, Thomas
Rico, Tom, Thomas
7 Day 7

The last tour before we have to return. We go via Redebus Pass to Kaiserjägerstrasse Road and then Vezzena Pass towards the Road between Grigno and Castello Tesino. Then we do the loop via Gobbera Pass and Brocon Pass towards Manghen and return to the hotel via Lavazzejoch

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Map 2012_06_22

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Getting ready in the morning
Video Lavazejoch (Passo di Lavazè)
Morning coffee in Brusago
View from Kaiserjägerstrasse towards Lago di Levico close to Caldonazzo
Rico got a friend
Video from Kaiserjaegerstrasse
Video of Passo di Vézzena
Video of Road between Grigno and Castello Tesino
Rico, Wolfgang and Irmgard arrive at Brocon Pass...
... where we have the first afternoon coffee
View to western ramp of Brocon pass
Another stop at Manghen pass Motorbikes at the top of the pass
Afternoon coffee
Video ascending the southern ramp
Video decending northern ramp of Manghen pass in formation of four
In the evening I take a picture of the scenery around the hotel
Our group at the end of our last day
8 Day 8

Now we have to make our way home. This day we go from Welschnofen via Penser Joch, Jaufenpass, Timmelsjoch into Austria and then Hahntenjoch, Namlos Valley via Plansee back to Schwabmünchen The morning is wet and cool but roads get dry after about an hour.

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Map 2012_06_23

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Penser Joch
Jaufen Pass
This time we get the famous cake up at Jaufen Pass
View from Jaufen Pass towards Timmelsjoch
Timmelsjoch, southern ramp. We have to climb up there but the top seems to be in the clouds
Wolfgang arriving at top of Timmelsjoch
Last view towards Italy
Fog on Timmelsjoch on Austrian side
Rico learns how it feels to run out of fuel
Rescue is coming - Wolfgang and Irmgard are bringing a bottle with fuel
Lunch at Hahntenjoch
View over Plansee Lake
9 Day 9

Rico and me just have to make our way back to Berlin. Nothing exciting, just riding.

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Map 2012_06_24

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