Munich, May 2012 − Travels − Captain Tom

Munich, May 2012

Leaning training with MS2 together with Wolfgang and Willi. A day full of fun.

MS2 offers leaning trainings with prepared motorbikes which allow for adjusting maximum lean angle with special beams put onto the bikes. This way you can exercise without risk of damage to the bike or to yourself.
1 30 degrees lean angle - first steps

It is not that easy to get the bike upright out of the leaning position.

2 45 degrees

It's getting interesting.

Instructor Haddi always on top of everything.
Wings for the next stage. The wings will catch the driver in case he looses control of the bike
Tom riding turns
Knee down
3 50 degrees

Now we get to the grip limit of the tires

Haddi shows how it works
And soon we get down to the ground
Tom nicely leaning...
... and on the ground
Wolfgang does the same
Final excercises
Haddi demonstrates the 50 degrees again
This is what 50 degrees look from behind
We do not practice with 55 degrees during our course.