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Berlin, April 2012

Susanne and Franz ar visiting Berlin and we take the opportunity for our next flight adventure. This time we fly in an airbike. It is operated by Airbike Berlin from airfield EDAY Strausberg close to Berlin.

The aircraft
The engine is a BMW boxer engine like the ones I had in some of my bikes - lastly in my R1100S
Pilot Andre
Tom gets ready. We take our motorbike gear. It is quite chilly and you are completely exposed to the wind. There is a seat heating available but it remains rather cold up in the air.
The dog guards everything
Off I go
Passing Buckow at Schermützelsee lake within Märkische Schweiz east of Berlin
And here a video
Now it is Susanne's turn
And the last one is Franz
At the very end I get an extra aerodrome circuit with runway lights on and some spirites turns in the air.

Great experience.