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Lanzarote, December 2011

Christmas break on Lanzarote Island, a little island west of Africa but belonging to Spain as part of Canary Islands.

Relaxing in the warm sun after a long period of hard work.

This time the vacation turns out to be a little bit aviation focused. But there is also enough time to relax and to enjoy the sun.

1 The journey to the island

The flight to Lanzarote departs from a grey wet Berlin
I will pass Paris, Bordeaux and Madrid where I can spot the soccer stadium of Real Madrid
and arrive in Lanzarote with view to one of the volcanos
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Map 2011_12_24

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The hotel welcomes me with warm sunny weather and a nice sunset
Here are some more pictures of the hotel
2 Sightseeing flight

We have booked a helicopter sightseeing flight around the island

My parents, the pilot and myself
Ready for take off
the flight lets us have a view to the nice vilages with withe houses
beautiful beaches
cliffs while doing some air acrobatics
Clear water
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Map 2011_12_26

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3 Beach hike #1

I do some walks along the beach. The first one gets me southbound towards the next village

The beach
Volcano behind the village
Empty beach
Another island (Fuerteventura)
In the evening a nice clear sky with a moon and Jupiter is visible
4 Sightseeing Tour

We have booked the big island tour. We will see some volcanos, grape farms, nice coasts, volcano caves and other things.

Getting into the volcano area
Demonstration of effects of the volcano heat dry wood starts burning
Water filled into pipes starts boiling creating kind of a geysir
Hot air coming out of a volcano chimney is being used for a barbecue
We pass a crater
Lava caves at the coast line
Nice coastal cliffs
My parents enjoy the view
A green lake close to the shore (colored by algaes)
Grape farming. The famers digg holes into the lava ash and build a stone wall to protect the plant against the wind
A lava cave
A pool build as a piece of art next to the cave
5 Beach hike #2

Another walk on the beach. This time north bound. I get to the airport after a while and watch the scene with some plane spotters there.

Volcano behind a village
Fuerteventura in the distance
Runway navigation lights are extended into the water
A plane approaches
The helicopter we were in some days ago takes off
Another plane is landing
A big boat passes by
More planes approaching
The helicopter has returned
6 The journey back to Berlin

Flying home during the afternoon provides another opportunity to take some pictures.

Goodbye to the island
A city in Spain
Some snow covered mountains in Spain remind me of the time in the year
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Map 2011_12_31

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