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Volkswagen Autostadt, November 2010

Monika is getting a new car. She takes the opportunity to receive it at Volkswagen Autostadt in Wolfgsburg, the origin of Wolfsburg.

Autostadt is directly located at the Volkswagen plant and introduces to the brands and technologies of Volkswagen. There is some entertainment and there is also a hotel where customers can stay over night if they wish.

Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg
The reception lobby of Autostadt
This is where customers check in if they intend to receive a new car. It is quite busy. They deliver a car there about every five minutes
A view to the lobby
Kids entertainment. They can make their kid's drivers license
and ride a go-cart
We get the guided tour and start with the Zeithaus which shows milestones of automobile development including a Ford Model T. In the background the power plant of the Volkswagen plant
Monika and Max
The reception building from the back, mirroring the auto towers
Another iconic car
Views out of the Zeithaus
Inside Zeithaus
The delivery center. This is where customers receive their cars. In the background the auto towers where the cars are held for delivery
Inside the delivery center. All Volkswagen models are on display
Cars ready for delivery
There are two auto towers which hold about 400 cars each. This is where cars are stored in for delivery for about 24 hours prior delivery. The storage system is fully automatic
Inside a tower
A car gets stored
A ride in the tower
View from above to the Volkswagen plant
Inside the tower
A Bugatti Veyron in silver marks the end of our visit
Monika and her brand new Volkswagen Golf