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Mexico, October 2010

My second visit to Mexico City, the biggest city in the world. Another visit to Christine, Stephan and Laura.

This time Stephan prepared a round trip to some interesting areas of Mexico.

And it was the time around Dia de los muertos - the day of the dead -, one of the most important public holidays in Mexico and one full of colorful and very charming traditions.

Find here an overview of the locations visited

Map 2010_10_mexico

1 The Journey to Mexico

I left Berlin and it's wet gray fall weather. Leaves are brown on the trees.
London weather is not any better. One can see Wembley stadion arch in the distance
Unfortunately my airplane had to be replaced with this one.
This resulted in a 1.5 hour delay and caused missing my connecting flight in Miami so that I had to stay over night in Miami.

Next day I started from Miami
with a nice view over Miami...
...Miami Beach...
...and some Florida Keys (here Plantation Key)
I arrived in Mexico City later this morning. I recognised Bosque de Chapultepec which I visited last year
Endless city
Colorful houses
2 Patzcuaro

The same day we started our round trip with going to Patzcuaro.

On our way we passed lake Cuitzeo
Patzcuaro is a nice little city.
It was quite busy at the central market place and a lot of sweets were sold for the oncoming public holiday
Next day took the boat to Janitzio island within lake Patzcuaro
Steep stairs bring us up to the monument on top of the island
The monument is for José Maria Morelos, a hero of Mexico's war of independence
Nice view over the lake
Coming back to the port of Patzcuaro
Next stop is Tzintzantzun where you find round shaped pyramides...
... and the only olive trees brought over by the Spanish which whave survived over the years.
They are located in an abbey's garden and are now about 500 years old
Inside the abbey
Preparation for Dia de los muertos
The market outside the abbey is well known for Christmas decoration available in all shapes and colors
The yellow flowers are very important for any kind of decoration for Dia de los muertos
3 Santa Clara del Cobre

Next stop this day is Santa Clara del Cobre - center of copper production. There are copper craft shops everywhere.

We visited one shop
They told us that they have produced all the copper costume parts for the movie Troja
You can buy copper accessories in any shape and size
Back to the hotel we found decoration in preparation for Dia de los Muertos
4 Ixtapa

I am for the first time at the west coast of the American continent and for the first time dipping into the Pacific ocean. Ixtapa is a nice holiday resort north of Acapulco

I can see the Pacific ocean
White sand, sun, water. Nice
The hotel
Nice view to the ocean...
... which turns into a phantastic sunset
View out of the hotel room the next day
I had to enjoy the waves the second day
And we had to watch another marvelous sunset
5 Acapulco

A big trip this day. We went from Ixtapa to Acapulco and then back to Mexico City.

The day is Dia de los muertos so we had to go to a cemetery, where families meet, remember the dead family members, eat and celebrate together in their honor.
Arriving in Acapulco we had to find and watch the Acapulco Cliff Divers
Nice cliffs
Tom watching
warm up
Climbing up
The show starts
Some jumps
The "top act", the one jumping from the highest cliff
Here is his jump
The view over the bay
I was there
Then we had a look at the very ugly city of Acapulco. At least the view over the bay is nice.
Afterwards Stephan and I had a nice lunch at the beach of Pie de la Cuesta.
Just minutes away from Acapulco but absolutly empty white beaches
6 Mexico City

My last day. I go with Christine into the city to the central place Zocalo and do some sightseeing there.

Decoration for Dia de los muertos
The cathedral of Mexico City (Catedral Metrapolitana)
Inside a service is going on
We take the roof tour
View to the Plaza de la Constitucion
Views from above
Christine looking around
Afterwards we had a coffee on top of a hotel at the side of the plaza
View down to the plaza...
... and to the cathedral
Finally we visited Palacio Nacional where the president's office is located