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Stuttgart, Nürburgring, Black Forest, August 2010

I have a week off. I use it to visit some friends in Stuttgart, to go to a Nürburgring Nordschleife track training and for meeting some i-bmw members in the Black Forest

1 Day 1 Ride from Berlin to Stuttgart

I go about 450 miles cross country to visit some friends

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Map 2010_08_07

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2 Day 2 Ulm and Blautopf

We decide to go to Ulm and to visit the tallest church in the world. It is the 530 ft high Ulm Minster, constructed between 1377 and 1890. An extraordinary building - almost as tall as the Washington Monument (550 ft) but much much older.

On can see it from far away
It does not fit the picture
Inside. Tall and bright
You can climb the spire but it takes some steps
The room for the church bells
Monika and Andreas on their way up
This is the stair case for the second half of the way
View from half way up
View down from the stair case
View down to the market place
Max on the top outlook platform
View from above
There is a marriage going on
The mighty building
Monika and Max watching the scene
Afterwards we went to the Blautopf which is a spring of a river called Blau which goes into the River Danube (second longest river in Europe which goes into the Black Sea)

The Blautopf is a deep cave and it is quite dangerous (and prohibited) to dive there. There is a nearby abbey.
The Blautopf
An old hammermill feed by the water
In the evening we had a nice dinner outside and some extra fun for Max.
3 Day 3 Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg

We went to Ludwigsburg Palace the next day and visited the phantastic baroque garden including the so called fairy tale garden

Monika and Max
Some interestingly cut plants
A fairy tale castle
View from above to the palace
Golden crown and coat of arms
4 Day 4 Ride from Stuttgart to Nürburgring

I go about 250 miles cross country to the Nürburgring

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Map 2010_08_10

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5 Day 5 and 6 Nürburgring Track Training

Find here a report and some pictures of the training

Map 2010_08_11

Map 2010_08_12

6 Day 7 Ride from Nürburgring to Weilheim (Black Forrest)

I go about 315 miles cross country to the Black Forest in order to meet Paul and Trond from i-bmw.

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Map 2010_08_13

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7 Day 8 Black Forest Ride with Paul and Trond

We have a nice 210 miles loop into the black forrest and do some sightseeing along the way.

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Map 2010_08_14

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In the evening Trond tried to catch some flies
And we had to have some German beer.
8 Day 9 Escorting Trond north towards Kassel

Trond is from Norway so we had to make our way North. The weather was not cooperating. We had a lot of rain over the day but during our visit in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen there was even some sun.

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Map 2010_08_15

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9 Day 10 Heading home to Berlin

While I was getting home, Trond stranded in Goslar with a failed final drive. With the help of BMW Mobility Service he made it to the ferry.

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Map 2010_08_16

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