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Berlin, July 2010

Susanne and Franz are visiting Berlin and this is a good opportunity to do something I have not done before.

This time we will climb a 100 years old gas holder which is now a technical monument. And then we tried a new way riding two wheels: On a Segway.

1 Gasometer Schöneberg

is one of the two remaining gas holders in Berlin. In former time they were used to store city gas mainly used for heating and street illumination.

It is about 240 feet high and you need to climb more than 400 stair steps to get up there.

It was quite windy this day. The tour goes up and then the full circle around the construction.

The gas holder from the ground
Franz and Susanne made it up
Not much between us und the ground
View towards the city
Tom, Franz and Susanne enjoy the tour
Strange construction work
Berlin flag at Schöneberg City Hall. In the background the 1936 Olympic Stadium
Another view to the city
At the end of the tour but still up there
Berlin from above
The gas holder from the ground
2 Segway city tour

First time on a Segway. There was a little briefing in the beginning and then we went through the very city of Berlin. There were two guides and 7 participants.

First moves on the vehicle
Trying out cornering, breaking and accelerating
Some exercises
Tom at river Spree with the German parliament building Reichstag in the background
Franz at the same place
Rolling down a road
At Berlin Gendarmenmarkt
We both were there
Short break - view towards German Cathetral