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Berlin, May 2009

Franz is in Berlin and we take the opportunity and have a UL flight around Berlin.

It was an 2 hour flight which brought us around Berlin. Unfortunately it is not allowed to fly over the center and there are some restricted zones around for approaching and departing airliners to or from the Berlin airports.

We have been on two machines IKARUS C42B. Little two seaters from Flugsport Berlin. The company is located at EDBF Airport Fehrbellin close to Berlin.

Here is a map with the flight path

Map 2009_05_09

At the Airport. We will use the machines in the background, not the beautiful open UL on this picture
In the air
We are coming closer to Berlin and cross the Berlin Autobahn ring
Potsdam is where the Prussian King had his castle
The outstanding building is the new Hans-Otto Theatre
Being over Berlin
The airport Tempelhof. Place of the Berlin Airlift. Unfortuantely closed last year.
Treptow. The building in the middle is the new O2 world where the Berlin ice hockey and basketball teams have their homes
I have been living in the white block in the middle the first about 25 years of my life
My parents house
Biesdorf is a calm district of Berlin where a lot of new houses are built
Still in flight. I try it myself and it is interesting to control an airplane
Me and my pilot
Landing in EDBF

After the flight we went back to Stölln to see the other Otto-Lilienthal memorials which I have not looked at during my previous visit
This memorial marks the place where Otto Lilienthal had his deadly crash
Another memorial at the top of the hill. It is a wind harp which makes sound when wind goes through it
Another memorial in Russian. During the communist times the Russians used the hill for a radar station. Even they honored the "First in Flight"
Some more pictures of Lady Agnes, a 4 engine jetliner