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Munich, April 2009

Easter. Time for a nice spring ride, visiting grandma and riding some twisty roads in Bavaria. I made about 1000 miles in 3 riding days and it was a lot of fun.

1 First Day

Ride to Bavaria

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Map 2009_04_10

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View out of my living room. Looks like spring has arrived and I need to ride.
Break in the middle of nowhere
Schleizer Dreieck (Schleiz triangle) is a famous race track and in between the races part of one of the most important inter state country roads B2 from Stettin to Munich
Another break in the Fichtelgebirge mountains
2 Second Day

Ride with Wolfgang and Irmgard

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Map 2009_04_11

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Proper little Bavarian city Kirchheim
Break for a cigarette
Coming closer to the Alps
At the next break we are even closer
Break above Ammersee lake
Irmgard is pointing towards...
... Monastery Kloster Andechs
And still the Alps in sight
Group picture with Irmgard, Wolfgang and Tom
A little lizard stops by
3 Third Day - Easter Sunday

Just enjoing the beautiful weather at the lake

Gooses and ducks
4 Fourth day

Return to Berlin

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Map 2009_04_13

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Bavarian city Riedenburg with Castle and old medieval fortress
Break in between
Last snow patches in the Fichtelgebirge mountains
Easter decoration in a little village
Close to Berlin. Aspargus fields reaching the horizon. Germans prefer white asparagus which grows below the surface. The Belitz asparagus from this region is well known for good quality