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Egypt, December 2008

My parents suggested to escape German winter into African sun and we decided to go to the Red Sea in Egypt. A nice resort close to Hurghada called Makady Beach was chosen and off we went.

1 Fligth to Egypt

We have a flight directly from Berlin. It is late morning and visibility is good.

My parents are ready to board the plane
Berlin shortly after take-off...
... and a little bit later
Passing the Alps
Egypt desert
River Nile. One can see all the irrigation canals glimmering in the sun
Nile close to Luxor
Red Sea Mountains close to Luxor
Short stop in Luxor, the former Thebes, the ancient capitol city of Egypt
2 The Hotel

It was a nice resort at the beach with fresh water pools (one of them heated) with pool bars and restaurants and build in oriental style

Sunset at the desert viewed from the hotel
3 Sightseeing in Hurghada

Hurghada is a very ugly little city with nothing interesting in it. We did a sight seeing tour and all we were shown was buildings under construction, unpaved and dirty roads, some shops and the beach.

Approaching Hurghada
Visiting a shipyard
A mosque
Water pipes in a shop
Beach views
Dirty unpaved roads
The Red Sea mountains
4 Quad Trip into the Desert

I wanted to see the desert so I booked a trip into the desert on quads. We rode about one hour to a bedouin village, had a cup of tea, watched the camels and went back.

Tom ready to go
Bedouin children with a nice toy
A camel waiting for riders
Colorful clothing
5 Cairo

When in Egypt then visit Cairo. So I booked a flight from Hurghada to Cairo to see the Pyramids and Sphinx, Tutankhamun and the Citadel of Salah Al-Din. Great day. But I managed to leave the camera at home. So no pictures of the day.

But I was there. Here are the tickets
And thanks to the GNU Free Documentation license there are pictures I can show from Wikimedia The Pyramids of Giza
The Sphinx of Giza
The mask of Tutankhamun's mummy
The citadel of Salah Al-Din
6 Flight Back to Germany

The flight back was a day flight so I hoped to see a little bit of the desert, of Cairo and Alexandria and the Alps. But most of the time there have been clouds.

Desert and Red Sea mountians shortly after take-off. One can see the shelters of the military part of Hurghada airport
El Gouna Resort
Diver's paradise
Greek islands
Greek Mountains close to Thessaloniki
7 Home again

Berlin received us with snow and temperatures below freezing.