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Niagara Falls, July 2008

My parents come for a visit after me being more than 1 and a half years in the US. So I tried to pack as much into the 10 days as I could. We have seen a lot and had some fun with each other.

1st Day

Directly after arrival we do the usual getting a foretaste of what is coming. We go to Liberty State Park and do the Statue of Liberty Tour.
Watching the skyline of Manhattan
In the evening we go to a good steak house.
2nd Day

Manhattan. This time I chose the water taxi to go around Manhattan from 44th street on the west side to 34th street on the east side.

After parking the car we pass Times Square
Water Taxi at West 44th street (Pier 84)
Empire State Building is dominating the view
NYC Waterfalls at Brooklyn waterfront
NYC Waterfalls at Brooklyn Bridge
Empire State Building from East River close to Manhattan Bridge
View to Empire State Building and Chrysler Building on East River
United Nations Building
Historic illuminated Pepsi advertising at east side of East River
After arriving at 34th Street we go to the Empire State Building which is not far away. We decide to get the high view from the 102nd floor
Amazing view to the Chrysler Building
The same view form the regular observation deck at 86th floor
We were there.
3rd Day

We drive again into the city and can park on the street between 45th and 46th Street on 6th Avenue.

First we get up the Rockefeller Center to the Top of the Rock.

Elevator Ride
We were here
View to George Washington Bridge. I live on the other side of the Hudson about 15 miles behind the bridge
View to the East River
Back down we go to the 5th Avenue to find out that the Christopher Street Day parade is on it's way.
Funny people
He does not seem to be sure whether he likes what he has to protect
They seem to like what they wear
After watching the parade we go down to Ground Zero and Battery Park where we have a break and an ice cream.
Then we go up again by subway towards Central Park. When we come out of the subway station we see that a nice cooling thunderstorm is going on.
Central Park views
Columbus Circle
We have dinner and then we go to watch a Broadway Show.
Waiting for the show to begin
On the way back to the car we pass Times Square at night.
4th Day

We fly to from Newark to Toronto and from there we go by car to Niagara Falls

View to the city from Newark Airport
Arriving in Toronto
After arrival in Niagara Falls we make a first walk down at the river.
We were there
5th Day

Sightseeing from every possible viewing angle.

We start in the morning with the Butterfly Conservatory
Next station Aero Car at Whirlpool
We watch the jet boat
Helicopter flight over the falls.
Mom is prepared
The Falls from above
Right hand side is Canada, left hand side is USA. Both sides are connected via rainbow bridge
We survived but both of my parents got a little bit sick in the air
Next group starts their trip
Then we go to the Skylon Tower to watch the falls from there
We were there
View to the falls
The air is clear and one can see Toronto 40 miles away
Maid of the Mist Tour is next
View from the boat. On the left hand side the American Falls, further in the background the Horse Shoe Falls.
In the afternoon the rainbows develop
Next station is the Journey behind the falls. Very wet.
Skylon Tower in the dawn
We watch the illuminated falls
It is Tuesday. Usually not a day for fireworks. But this day is 1st of July, the Canadian Independence Day. So we get great fireworks over the falls.
6th Day

We say goodby to Niagara Falls and return to Toronto.

Last visit to the Aero Car at the Whirlpool
Interesting floatsam
In Toronto we go to the harbor islands first to get an impression of the city.
View to Toronto skyline
View to Lake Ontario
We are relaxed
Panorama view of Toronto
Then we go to the CN Tower. It was until the end of 2007 the tallest self supporting structure in the world with a total height of 1,815 ft (553 m). This title has been taken over by the Burj Dubai which is still under construction and will have a final height of 2,684 ft (808 meters).
Glass floor allows for a view straight 1122 ft (342 meters) down
The Sky Pod is 1465 ft (447 meters) high and embedded into the antenna shaft.
View down to the outlook level
Panorama view from the Sky Pod
View to the harbor
7th Day

We do sightseeing in the city within the Bloor Street area

The Royal Ontario Museum sits in a building from the famous architect Daniel Liebeskind. It is similar to the Jewish Museum in Berlin.
The Bata Shoe Museum is also very interesting
Metal shoes made of silver
Astronaut boots
Eaton Center is a big shopping mall
We fly back in the afternoon Farewell Toronto
The other side of Lake Ontario. Rochester, NY
The pilot manages to make a more than two hours flight out of 350 miles distance. The flight path was so strange that I had to look it up in the internet. See all the jitter even at the straight sections. We made turnes almost continuously. See the flight path as recorded by
This is what an expected flight path looks like (recorded a week later)
8th Day

We have to relax a little bit. We go to the country side to see the regular America.

At Delaware River we watch for eagles ...
... and see at least some birds.
Outlook at Hawks Nest
In the evening we go to the East River to watch the fire boat parade ...
... and the 4th of July Indepence Day fireworks
9th Day

Back to the city. This time we take the train.

We visit the M&M world at Times Square
Then we watch another great Broadway Show
In the afternoon we say farewell to the city.
The evening is for eating burgers and visiting Cold Stone creamery
10th Day

We go to a mall, do some shopping and close the visit with lunch at Cheesecake Factory.