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SSR, May 2008

The Summer Solstice Ralley of in Stowe, Vermont. A great opportunity for some rides with a great bunch of people. I had to come one day later so it was only two and a half days for me. Weather was not great but good enough for some fun on the road and in Stowe. The second name of the Ralley "Super Soaker Ralley" did apply especially on Friday and Sunday.

1 First Day

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Map 2008_06_20

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I ride up to Vermont in the afternoon in decent weather.
View at Route 17 in Vermont
The others had already a nice day in Vermont
Gathering in the morning
Moons, Rick, Bob and Bill
Break during the day Steve, Pete, Bill, Jim, Jim and Kevin
Paul, Bill, Steve, Pete, Jim, Jim
Jim, Bill, Jim
I arrive in the evening and get a room with a very impressive bed
Pizza at Pie in the Sky in the evening
Annmarie, Pete, Rick, Donna, Terry, Moons, Claudia, Kevin, Jim and Tom
2 Second day

The morning is foggy and chilly. Both will change soon.

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Map 2008_06_21

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Pete is preparing the bike for the day.
Gathering after breakfast
I ride with Jim, Jim, Kevin and Terry
First stop is Route 17 again
Kevin (in the back), Terry, Jim, Jim
Somebody did not like the sign. See the bullet holes in it
Kevin produces some riding shots
Tom, Jim, Jim
Jim, Jim, Tom, Terry (from front to back)
Hibachi dinner in the evening
Connie, Mike, Jim, Terry, Tom, Paul and Steve
3 Third day

The ride home is mostly wet. We experience interesting thunderstorms and down poors.

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Map 2008_06_22

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After a short dry period we stop at Taconic Parkway for removing the rain gear. Pete does not leave his bike. An hour later we had to put the rain gear back on.
Back home I washed the bike. The afternoon sun was shining.
A relaxing end of a nice weekend