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New York, Niagara Falls and Cape Cod, July 2007

Doris is in town for 10 days. We have a lot of plans. We do the mandatory Manhattan sightseeing tour, we visit Niagara Falls and we go to Cape Cod for some Whale Watching.

1 Sightseeing in Manhattan

Almost the standard program. Walk the whole day through Manhattan and go to a Musical in the end.

We start at Times Square
Then down the Broadway to Madison Square
Ground Zero
Squirrels in Battery Park
Staten Island Ferry
with view to the Statue of Liberty...
... and of course to Manhattan...
Then Top of the Rock - the view from Rockefeller Center
And in the evening musical. This time a new play called "Spring Awakening". Rock like music and good actors. You should go and see.
Before the show begins
In the end Times Square at night.
Doris was there.
2 Niagara Falls

We start early next morning. We want to go to Niagara Falls. It's 400 miles to go and the best place to watch is the Canadian side.

Smooth driving on the Highway gets the mileage up. From usual 12.5 miles per gallon to 19.7 miles per gallon.
Lines at the Canadian border
Niagara Falls welcomes us with turbulence and all kinds of entertainment.
The falls are much more impressive then I thought. Not very high but the amount of water falling down is huge. And this is even more impressive if you take into account that the river is higly regulated. We do the full sight seeing program with boardwalk, table rock, boat and tower.
View from the boardwalk
Doris was there
Preparation for the trip with the Maid of the Mist
View from the boat
Very Close
Then we go up on top of the Skylon Tower
Bird's view
Then we go to Table Rock
Maid of the Mist. We were in it and there.
The edge
In the end "Behind the Falls", an outlook platform at the bottom of the falls. There are some tunnels where you can go to holes in the rock. There you see nothing but falling water.
Falling water very close
In the evening we get a high wire artist...
... dinner on a deck with view to the falls...
... color lighted falls...
... and fireworks above the falls.
3 Whale Watching auf Cape Cod

We drive 500 miles to Cape Cod and there we go to Provincetown for whale watching.

Great summer weather.
Our boat comes into the harbor.
We just left the harbor and we spot whales. In this case humpback whales. They have their mouth wide open, swim through the water and eat.
The whales play very close by
Mother with baby
One whale plays with its flipper.
Harbor view
The east coast around Boston is lobster land. The lobster comes directly out of the ocean. So we had to try it.
We stayed for two nights at Cape Cod.
We return to Westwood via Plymouth and Groton.
There is a rebuild of the Mayflower in Plymouth. This is a boat which brought the first colonialists of New England to America.
In Groton is a submarine base (New London Naval Submarine Base) with a connected museum. You can learn something about the history of american submarine construction. And there is the Nautilus, the first american nuclear powered submarine and the first submarine which reached the north pole.
Doris in the circles. The circles show the diameters of one of the first submarines and of a submarine of the Ohio class.
Other historic pieces
On board of the Nautilus. Small parts inside can be visited too.
4 More sightseeing

We watch a stunt kite competition in Liberty State Park. The kites fly with music and follow a choreography.
Liberty Science Center - good science museum for kids.
Modell boats in Central Park
Guggenheim Museum
Another Musical. This time something classical. Very good show.
Top of the Rock by night
Empire State Building
Times Square
Moon over Chrysler Building (slightly conceiled by MetLife Building)