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New York, January 2006

America again

This time I go with my colleagues Alex, Andreas and Michael. And we planed to have one day of sightseeing in Manhattan.

We walk the well known route from 42nd Street down to Battery Park and then have another walk from 59th Street to the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal

In total we walked 14 km (about 8.7 miles). In between we had a ride with Staten Island Ferry and a Subway ride to 59th Street.

Weather was brilliant and we have seen a lot of differnt sights.

Flight goes from Berlin via Frankfurt to Newark
Arrival in Frankfurt
Lufthansa already attuned the the soccer world championship
Test of the cameras
Andreas and Alex
Off we go
We leave Europe at the very north of Ireland. I can see peninsula Fanand (to the very left) and Rosgull (middle left) with Melmore Head peaking out. To the right I can see Horn Head
Flight impressions
Lac Sainte-Anne in Kannad North East of Quebec
Interesting snow bands close to Quebec. I suspect power lines or oil pipelines
Mount Megantic East of Montreal. I was not able to research whether it is really an impact crater. But there are some traces of impacts and impact crater lakes in this area
View to the Appalachian Mountains East of Montreal
Approaching Hudson river
Suburbs of New York
Approach to Newark with brilliant view to Manhattan
Statue of Liberty
Verrazano Narrows Bridge behind New Jersey Turnpike Bridge
Touched down. Manhattan in the background behind a Private Air jet and our Lufthansa airliner
The limo is waiting

The sightseeing tour in Manhattan starts at Grand Central station at 42nd Street
Walking around
Some breakfast
The Chrysler Building - the most beautiful of all skyscrapers
Steam from below
Empire State Building in best weather
Views from Empire State Building
Chrysler Building, behind it in black the Trump World Tower
George Washington Bridge and to the right a piece of Central Park
Statue of Liberty. To the right on the other side of river Hudson 30 Hudson Street in New Jersey
At Madison Square 5th Avenue and Broadway cross. There we find Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower (to the left) and Flatiron Building (to the right)
I was there
UN Building at East River
Back down now on
Andreas and Alex looking for more interesting things
Washington Square - view back to Empire State Building
Big wing - for sure quite important for the streets of Manhattan
We noticed this brown building without windows during our last stay and did not find out what it was. Now we know. It is the AT&T Long Lines Building, a telephone switchboard facility. There are more of it in Manhattan
Ground Zero is still a big construction site
30 Hudson Street in New Jersey with the big Colgate clock
Statue of Liberty comes in sight
The Sphere in Battery Park
Tourist rip-off in Battery Park
Staten Island Ferry ride passing Statue of Libery and providing a nice panoramic view to Manhattan and Verrazano Narrows Bridge
... enjoying the views
Verrazano Narrows bridge - still the longest suspension bridge in the US and for quite some time the world's longest suspension bridge
Michael and I
Panoramic view of Lower Manhattan
Staten Island Ferry passing Statue of Liberty
The three big East river bridges Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge (from front to back)
Manhattan seen from the water
New York Stock Exchange in Wall Street
Hotel Waldorf-Astoria
Rockefeller Center with ice rink, Christmas tree and statue
Crazy toy store FAO Schwarz. The toy Ferrari is about 50,000 US Dollars
Times Square very fascinating in the evening
ToysAreUs at Times Square quite crazy too. Three stories, Ferris wheel, all kinds of toys
McDonalds in 42nd Street illuminated as all other shops around
1 Flight back

Limo is waiting
View from Newark Airport to Manhattan
De-icing in Frankfurt
German winter landscape
No, TSA is off course not responsible for destroying the zipper when examining the content of the back