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Flight Pictures New York, September 2005

And again for business to America. Collecting flight pictures becomes a new hobby. This time I got some new sights - in particular the Bristol Channel was not in my collection yet.

This time the flight goes to New York JFK. That avoids any direct view to Manhattan.

I have spotted some more Airports which can be easily seen from above and mostly the have a characteristic shape which you can recognize on a map.

The flight back did not reveal much but I got a nice sunset.

This time some pictures are spoiled by the window. Hopefully I can make it better next time.

From Berlin Tegel we went eastbound to Pankow and Weißensee followed by a U-turn flying to the West. I sit on the left side - a good change to the last flight
For the first time a shot of the runway
Shaky after a shaky start: Autobahn A111 at Scharnweberstraße
View into Uranusweg at Sports ground Reinickendorf
Church Segenskirche at Auguste-Viktoria-Allee
Waldowstraße at cemetary Reinickendorf
Alt-Reinickendorf, in the background Märkisches Viertel
Breitkopfbecken at Residenzstraße (the big road to the left).
Schönholz, Erich-Weinert-Siedlung.
Summer swimming pool Pankow
City train station Pankow-Heinersdorf and Autobahn A114 (Prenzlauer Promenade)
Lindenberg at B2 country road
Autobahn junction Schwanebeck (A10 Berliner Ring/A11 Berlin-Prenzlau)
Something west of Bernau
Buch, in the upper left Neu-Buch
Airport Tempelhof in a distance
Airport Berlin Tegel
Lake Tegeler See and Spandau
Berlin Olympic stadium
View over Spandau with river Havel and Lake Wannsee in the upper left
River Havel towards Brandenburg/Havel
Crossing A10 Berliner Ring/B5 in the very West of the city.
Ketzin and Trebelsee lake
Brandenburg/Havel and Beetzsse lake
Plauer See lake, Breitlingsee lake , Möserscher See lake
River Elbe at Parey. To the left Elbe-Havel-Kanal channel
Airport south of Tangerhütte at river Elbe
Mining close to Zielitz
A7 crosses Mittellandkanal channel close to Hannover
Airport Münster/Osnabrück at Ladbergen close to Autobahn A1 and Dortmund-Ems-Kanal channel
Rivers in the Netherlands
Water crossing South East of Utrecht
Mouth of river Waal with Nationaal Park de Biesbosch at Dordrecht
Feyenoort Stadium Rotterdam
Port of Rotterdam
Island Slijkplaat in Haringvliet
Mouth of river Maas
Boats on North Sea
In the distance port of Zeebrugge (Belgium)
More boats
England. We fly North of Southend-on-Sea have a look at the mouth of river Thames
The Bristol-Channel (Mouth of river Severn) with old (below, M48) and new Severn Bridge (top, M4), which connect England and Wales
England to the left, Bristol in the background, Wales to the right
Avonmouth at the mouth of River Avon at the southern side of Bristol Channels
The welsh side with River Usk through Newport/Wales
Low floating clouds over Atlantic Sea close to Ireland...
... and when reaching the other side in Newfoundland
Nice weather over Newfoundland
Nova Scotia in Kanada with North Sydney
Small island in St Georges Bay
Probably Halifax in the distance
Saint John Airport at Saint John
Another airport - might be Brunswick
Boston - Cape Cod
New Bedford Regional Airport close to Boston
Cape Cod
Mining somewhere close to Boston
Bridge between Newport and Jamestown
Block Island in front of the coast at Westerley
Long Island - approach has started
Francis Gabreski Airport on Long Island close to Westhampton Beach
Ein Flugzeug passes us below
Captree Causeway Bridge
Approach over endless suburbs on Long Island towards JFK. I notice a lot of water towers
Montefiore Cemetery with water tower at Merrick Blvd
Close to landing

Fall impressions from the hotel room

The flight back did not provide much except a nice sunset
The next day already over germany
Clouds on top of clouds
Airport Stendal (Stendal-Borstel)