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Flight pictures New York, July 2005

Again New York for business. No time for sightseeing there but I had window seats on both flights and I used the opportunity for taking some pictures

1 Departure

We start eastbound from Airport Berlin Tegel to Pankow and Weißensee and make a U-turn to proceed westbound. A lot of dust in the air. I sit on the right side of the airplane.

Westhafen. Beussel bridge to the right
Market at Westhafen. In the background the big park Tiergarten, to the left the congress hall and railway fly-over at Perleberger Straße
Upper left Lehrter Bahnhof railway station. To the right the railway fly-over and left Schering Pharma buildings
In the middle Lehrter Bahnhof railway station, behid it Tiergarten and governmental buildings. The tent like building is Tempodrom. To the lower left the area of the former Stadium of the youth of the world.
Gesundbrunnen railway station. The road from the upper middle to the middle right is Brunnenstraße.
City train junction Nordkreuz. The road below is Bornholmer Straße, the bridge in the middle is Behmstrasse
City center with Alexanderplatz and TV tower. The road towards lower left is Prenzlauer Allee. The road towards upper right is Pappelallee. Left from it Helmholzplatz Square
Peoples Park Friedrichshain in hte middle. The road going from the middle right to the lower middle is Greifswalder Straße. To the right Thälmann Park and directly left to it City train station Greifswalder Straße
White lake (Weißer See) in Weißensee
Lake Orankesee
After the U-turn we fly along Autobahn A10
Autobahn exit Mühlenbeck and Summt with Lake Summter See.
Rathenow at river Havel. Below highspeed train track Berlin-Hannover. The bridge in the middle is for B188 country road
Military training area between Rathenow and Stendal. Below the highspeed train track
Below Schönhausen at river Elbe south of Tangermünde
Stendal. B188 bypasses the city. Structure above is Airfield Stendal-Borstel
Airport Hannover-Langenhagen. Autobahn A352 goes across the picture.
Lake Steinhuder Meer west of Hannover
River Weser north of Minden (Lahde, Petershagen, Windheim). In the second picture one can see power plant Lahde
Shore of North Sea close to Amsterdam with Lake Weisteinderplassen. In the very distance Port of Amsterdam (Ijmuiden)
Lake Braassemermeer in the middle.
Den Haag
Harwich. A week ago I was there and took the ferry back to Germany
Mountains in South Wales. Might be Blak Mountains but air is quite dusty.
Cardigan Bay and Cardigan Island at western Shore of Wales
Limmerick in Ireland with River Shannon
Irish Atlantic shore at Doonbeg, north of Kilkee. The bigger island is Mutton Island. The arched shore is White Strand
Donegal Point the lower of the two lobes
Approach to Newark with view to New York. Bayonne bridge. In the background Manhattan
Tanker and towboat in the oil port
container port
Touch down in Newark - the famous view at the horizon
2 The Flight back

starts again in Newark. Weather is quite good but there is some smog above the city. I sit on the right hand side again. Plane takes off southwestbound and makes a left U-turn northeastbound. So I get another view to Manhattan

Ready for take-off
Ground staff assist reversing out of the parking lot
Queuing up before taking off
The feeder road to the airport has American dimensions
Airport Newark after the turn to the upper left
Manhattan in dusty air
In the middle left Central Park
Closer look
The next morning in Europe we have an escort for about an hour
Closer look
Even closer
Nice blue sky
Escort is still there
Airport Hannover Langenhagen
Probably the Volkswagen testing area Ehra-Lessin close to Wolfsburg
Crossing river Elbe - in the upper section of the picture Tangermünde in the dust, below Arneburg
Approach to Berlin. We fly north of Berlin eastbound, then a U-turn and final approach over Pankow and Wedding
Autobahn Berliner Ring, Autobahn junction Oranienburg. Below Leegebruch, on top Velten.
Neu Lindenberg
City train station Pankow-Heinersdorf with Prenzlauer Alle road which leads over into Autobahn A114
Summer swimming pool Pankow
View to Märkisches Viertel.

After about 70 pictures the battery of my camera was drained and the camera switched off itself.