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England/Wales (Shrewsbury), June 2005

How similar things can be: Two years ago I visited Shrewsbury. With a new bike on my first big tour and to visit the Mahler family. Just like now.

Again just three days for the visit. Two of them are reserved for tours with the family.

1 Cuxhaven

Vacation starts after 400 km ride: The ferry in Cuxhaven

Dutchess of Scandinavia is waiting for us
We wait for embarkment
Cast off!
Farewell Germany
2 Harwich

England welcomes me with sunshine...
... and heavy wind, but it is rather warm
A pilot boat comes into the port
Tourists get reminded outside Harwich frequently. The sign is on the right side of the road.
3 Roxeter Roman Festival

at Roxeter Roman City is a little archeological excavation site with some displays of roman warriors. Not much to see.

Excavated parts of the city
Formations on display
Display of arms
Max will get a big roman sometime
Max and Rebecca looking for more romans
4 Mount Snowdon

We want to climb the highest peak of Wales. And we want to go down by train. But there are some doubts whether we will get tickets. The demand is quite high. And so it happened. We had to walk both ways. Benjamin was quite disappointed for a moment.

Mount Snowdon is 1090 meters high and on top quite forbidding. Train and path start in Llanberris
Small refreshment before we start for Benjamin, Max and Rebecca
We wont take the train to the top
Off we go
View back to Llanberris
The path does not look steep. But it is.
View back to Half Way House and to Llanberris
Half Way House again in the middle of the picture
Train to the summit
A passing point
This is the English way to conquer walls through hiking pathes
Almost on top - a freezing wind is blowing
On top of the mountain
View to the valleys below the clouds hitting the summit
5 Wales-Rundfahrt

The day is reserved for a loop through wales. It starts with heavy reain. I go anyway but I shorten the tour from 520 km to 450 km

Quite promising. Is there more?
Two mandatory pictures
Bike with red telephone booth and World's End close to Llangollen
Welsh Solitude
View to the valley of river Dovey from the junction to Lake Vynwy towards Aber Cywarch and Dinas Masddwy
Lake Vyrnwy
Suddenly nice sunny beach weather at the western coast close to Aberdovey
In the evening a lift for Benjamin...
... and Max
6 To the ferry

I go across the county to Harwich

Telephone booth
I pass the aviation branch of the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. They have a prototype of Concorde there. I was in it some years ago.
Again Cast off!
An old and well known light boat I have passed quite a few times
A pilot boat returns to Harwich
An old fort at the harbor exit
A towboat is waiting
Goodbye Harwich, goodbye England
7 Finally

How does the GPS calculate estimated remaining travel time?