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New York Flight pictures, November 2004

Something different. I need to go for business to New York. I do not have time for sightseeing but I took my camera with me for some pictures out of the airplane.

I took some nice pictures but in particular the good view while approaching Berlin was spoiled by backlight of the sun. For getting better pictures I need to take this kind of pictures in the evening.

Lufthansa managed to assign the same seat to both of us. Nice trick which created some entertainment while changing the airplane in Frankfurt
Cloud formations between Berlin and Frankfurt. The small bright spot is a lake reflecting the sunlight
Sunrise over Rotterdam. The yellow patches are green houses with light on
River valleys filled with morning fog
Flight impressions
Frankfurt International Airport from 39,000 feet elevation
Cloud layers. The upper layer puts a shadow onto the layer below
Approach to Berlin starts. Groß Köris at Autobahn A13. On the other side of the Autobahn Lake Zemminer See, Lake Schweriner See, Lake Teupitzer See and on my side of the Autobahn Lake Kleiner Moddersee, Lake Großer Moddersee and Lake Klein Köriser See
Lake Pätzer Hintersee close to Pätz, Bestensee
Königswusterhausen - River Dahme gets crossed by Autobahn Berliner Ring. In the front Lake Krüpelsee, behind it to the left Lake Krimnicksee
More lakes: Krossinsee, Großer Zug, Zeuthener See
To the left Zeuthener See, below Seddinsee, on top Große Krampe and Langer See
Lake Teufelssee and Müggel tower
Lake Müggelsee and Friedrichshagen
City train station Friedrichshagen
Country road B1/B5 Dahlwitz (Hoppegarten)
City train station Birkenstein
Hönower Siedlung. The structure in the left middle is Mahlsdorf-Nord/Dahlwitzer Straße. To the lower right a part of horse race track Hoppegarten
In a distance chimneys of combined heat and powerplant Lichtenberg, in front of it Marzahn
Marzahn in backlight with view over Ahrensfelde, to the lower left Park Wuhletal
City train station Ahrensfelde, in the middle crosses Wuhletalstraße road
Almost nothing to recognize: View to the city center with TV tower
Barely to see in lower part of the picture the planetarium at Prenzlauer Alle
In the middle City Train station Bornholmer Straße. Below it goes towards Pankow, to the right it goes to City Train station Wollankstraße. In the upper right City Train station Gesundbrunnen and the upper left leads to City Train Station Schönhauser Allee
Somewhere in Wedding shortly before landing