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Bikes in the Internet

Bikes in the Internet. Well, the community is surprisingly big.

First point of Contact in Germany was in earlier times the news group d.r.m. (this is de.rec.motorrad).

Who looks around there will find strange things like rrr, gus, bbb and so on. Who diggs deeper will find some more about rrr. But don't be surprised. The writers (I was one of them for quite a while) are all slightly mad.

By the way:

I have DoD#27513, rrr#5, gus#15 hc

What else?

For BMW riders you have to go to BMW.

And then there are forums like for Germans and for the english speaking community.

The Zdkkjl (die Zeitung, die keiner kennt, aber jeder liest - magazine which nobody knows but everybody reads) is in the net too. I prefer the Reitwagen from Austria.