KTM 1390 Superduke R Evo − Bikes − Captain Tom

KTM 1390 Superduke Evo

The next Superduke. This the brand new 1390 R Evo with semi active suspension and again in my personal colors

Some pictures

Still in the shop
Chain side
Side view
Front view
Exhaust side

Short license plate holder
190 rear tires permission included
Rizoma pegs
Rizoma handlebar weights
Blue rear

Some observations during break-in time

With a cold engine the rpms are limited. The blue area is blocked
After 500 ft the blue area gets unlocked
The white line below the rpm band shows the fuel level. It starts to move at 195 km range
At 65km range the fuel level line gets red and starts to blink together with the fuel symbol (and hence is not visible in the picture). A little bit later a yellow fuel warning pops up.
There seem to be some glitches
Break in distance done
Silly gimmick. The numbers in the rpm indicator change their size depending on the revs
More than 4000 rpm
More than 5000 rpm
More than 6000 rpm
More than 7000 rpm