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BMW K1300R #2

The fourth K. BMW did not manage to develop a new new interesting bike for me yet. So I had to stick to the K1300R. Again in blue. This time I combined two shades of blue: A decent dark blue BMW Montego blue metallic and a loud flashy glowing blue. I like it. And I like the mirrors painted in glowing blue.

The bike is equipped with

  • onboard computer
  • heated handle bar grips
  • sports wheels
  • LED backlight and flashers
  • gear assist
  • additional power outlet for GPS

At the dealership ready for delivery
Two shades of blue
The proud owner taking delivery
After adding some more painted parts:
Icing on the cake was added later on with some additional colored pieces:
Pictures were taken at the Berlin Wall Memorial Bernauer Strasse. The rusty iron bars mark the course of the Berlin Wall. The green is the former death zone.