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K1200R #2


K1200R #2

K1200R #2

This bike had to be equipped with some electronics.

The GPS is not new. It is a Garmin GPSMap 276 C. It is mounted via RAM Mount to the handle bar.

In addition I needed a radar detector. I use the Escort 8500 which works pretty well. I mounted it on top of the clutch fluid container. I have a mount from Pirate's Liar which sits between the container lid and the radar detector. I can velcro the detector easily to it.

Then there is a MixIt device which is in my tank bag. This combines the audio signals from the GPS, the radar detector and the MP3 player (iriver clix 8 GB) with my noise canceling in ear headphones from Etymotic Research.

See some pictures below how this all fits together