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K1200R #2

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K1200R #2

K1200R #2

Nothing new this year - except everything is different.

I have got my second K1200R. This time in black/silver. But this machine is registered in New Jersey and it is the 2007 US model.

BMW has removed the servo assisted brakes and introduced a new ABS. In addition there is an on-board computer available. The rest remains the same.

The bike comes with standard wind screen, heated handle bar grips, on-board computer, sports wheels, white blinker lenses, ABS and again with a separate accessory outlet for my GPS navigation system.


Technical specifications (I refuse to convert into strange non metric units)

  • 1157 cm³ displacement
  • 163 hp at 10.500 rpm
  • 127 Nm max. torque at 8.250 rpm
  • 262 km/h vmax
  • 237 kg weight ready for road, full tank of gas (211 kg dry)

Odometer reading zero miles

Here are the color combinations available for 2007 (no change to prior years)

Tom Bihr - page last changed 07. April 2007