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Zumo 660

Garmin zumo 660

My third GPS Navigation device

Major improvements compared to the GPSMap 276C are

  • faster processor
  • more memory - I can now store all European maps into the device
  • touch screen - works even with gloves
  • SD card up to 32 GB for music and a mediaplay which supports playlists
  • 3D view
  • Bluetooth connection for telephone and wireless headphones
  • built in speaker for in car navigation
  • comes with cradles for motorbike and car - the device recognises the cradle type and switches automatically between two configuration profiles

A step back is the display. Resolution has been reduced to 480x288 pixels and it is not transflexive anymore so it is not as good readable in sunlight as the 276C display.

However, the device got slimmer again.

Here are some screenshots

Start screen. Satellite recception is poor (one red bar), Bluetooth is enabled, motor bike mode is enabled, device runs on battery (fully charged)

Map with points of interest and route in 2D

3D view with buildings

Route in 3D view

Route in 2D view (north up)

Route in 2D (moving direction up)

Media player

Search options (around current position, at another location, along the route, around destination)

Search categories (address, home, points of interest, recently used, favorites, crossings)

Some points of interest categories