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Riding with GPS Navigation
GPSMap 267c

Garmin GPSMap 276c

My second GPS Navigation device

Major improvements compared to the SPIII are

  • faster processor
  • better display with higher resolution (320x480 pixels, 256 colors, transflexive)
  • track log memory for 10.000 track points, logging configurable (every n-ths second, every n-th food), memory for 10 tracks (automatic track information reduction to a maxium of 700 track points per track)
  • Track back (device guides you following a track back)
  • Lithium-Ion-battery charged within the device, a fully charged battery enabled about 12 hours of operation
  • custom avoids (exclude particular roads or rectangular areas from routing)
  • find points of interest close to current route - very useful for finding the next gas station

And the device is much slimmer than the SPIII:

Some screen shots:

Map data with 128 MB of map memory

Routing display. Data fields in the map corner are configurable


Custom Avoid - rectangular area

Custom Avoid - road

Map display with points of interests in daylight mode - you can configure the device to switch into night mode at sunset automatically.

Map display in night mode